Research and Publications

Working Papers

  1. Financial misconduct, fear of prosecution and bank lending (published in the Economic and Political Weekly, March 2020) - Abhiman Das, Avijit Bansal and Saibal Ghosh
  2. Merger control for IRPs: Do acquisitions of distressed firms warrant competition scrutiny? - M P Ram Mohan and Vishakha Raj
  3. Insolvency Regimes and Firms' Default Risk Under Economic Uncertainty and Shocks (accepted for publication in Economic Modelling) - Balagopal Gopalakrishnan and Sanket Mohapatra
  4. When the market went viral: COVID-19, stock returns, and firm characteristics - Joshy Jacob, Avijit Bansal, Balagopal Gopalakrishnan and Pranjal Srivastava
  5. Apartment Buyers As Financial Creditors: Pushing the Conceptual Limits of the Indian Insolvency Regime (published in Columbia Asia Law Review) - M P Ram Mohan and Vishakha Raj
  6. ‘Too central to fail’ firms in bi-layered financial networks: Evidence of linkages from the US corporate bond and stock markets - Abinash Mishra, Pranjal Srivastava and Anindya S Chakrabarti
  7. Fractional Differencing: (In)stability of Spectral Structure and Risk Measures of Financial Networks - Anindya S Chakrabarti and Arnab Chakrabarti
  8. Auditors’ negligence and professional misconduct in India: a struggle for a consistent legal standard - M P Ram Mohan and Vishakha Raj
  9. Profit Efficiency and Corporate Governance of Indian Banks - Abhiman Das and Balagopal Gopalakrishnan
  10. The Implications of Economic Uncertainty for Bank Loan Portfolios - Sanket Mohapatra and Siddharth M Purohit
  11. Doctrinal Conflict in Foreign Investment Regulation in India: NTT Docomo vs. Tata Sons and the Case for "Downside Protection" - M P Ram Mohan, Nobuhisa Ishizuka and Sidharth Sharma
  12. Nowcasting inflation in India with daily crowd-sourced prices using dynamic factors and mixed frequency models" (Published in Applied Economics Letters, September 2021) - Abhiman Das and Varun Yadav
  13. How informative are quantified survey data? Evidence from RBI household inflation expectations survey - Gaurav Kumar Singh and tathagata Bandyopadhyay
  14. Sparsistent Filtering of Comovement Networks From High-dimensional Data - Arnab Chakrabarti and Anindya S Chakrabarti
  15. Copula Estimation for Nonsynchronous Financial Data - Arnab Chakrabarti and Rituparna Sen
  16. Limiting Spectral Distribution of High-dimensional Hayashi-Yoshida Estimator of Integrated Covariance Matrix - Arnab Chakrabarti and Rituparna Sen
  17. Instability of Networks: Effects of Sampling Frequency and Extreme Fluctuations in Financial Data - Jalshayin Bhachech, Arnab Chakrabarti, Taisei Kaizoji and Anindya S Chakrabarti
  18. Fractional Differencing: (In)stability of Spectral Structure and Risk Measures of Financial Networks - Arnab Chakrabarti and Anindya Chakrabarti
  19. Household Income Shocks, Demand for Deposits, and Real Activities - Tanmoy Mojilla and Abhiman Das
  20. state-owned banks and credit allocation in India: Evidence from an asset quality review - Abhiman Das, Sanket Mohapatra and Akshita Nigania
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