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  1. Inflation expectations rose in November 18: Study by IIM-Ahmedabd Professor
  2. Indian industry’s sales levels, profit margins drastically go down: IIM-A survey
  3. Sharp decline in sales, profits of business houses: Survey
  4. Indian companies’ profit margins ‘still not showing’ signs of improvement: IIM-A survey, All Gujarat News
  5. Economy comes to a standstill, inflation expectations rising fast: IIM-A survey
  6. India's business leaders find 'clear signs' of cost pressures building up: IIM-A survey
  7. Indian state sector 'outperforms' private cos by 3-12% during lockdown: IIM-A study
  8. Pharma, telecom gained during crisis
  9. IIM study proves stronger insolvency and bankruptcy framework likely to enhance credit discipline in firms
  10. Extended suspension of IBC may lead to riskier behaviour among firms: Study
  11. The May 2020 business inflation expectation survey off IIM Ahmedabad, India Print Publisher
  12. The May 2020 business inflation expectation survey of IIM Ahmedabad
  13. The Business Inflation Expectation Survey
  14. The Business Inflation Expectation Survey (BIES) for June 2020
  15. Business Inflation Expectation Survey (BIES) 1
  16. Covid-triggered business pessimism on a steady decline: IIMA survey, Business Line on Campus
  17. Study: Change in bank credit composition
  18. Huge shift in bank lending portfolios: IIMA study
  19. Banks prefer household credit to corporate lending, says IIM-A study
  20. Board size matters for better performance of banks: study
  21. Indian Business Inflation Expectation Survey – November 2020
  22. IIM-A survey shows gradual improvement in sales, but profit margins remain low
  23. ‘Inflation expectations for MSMEs high at 4.7%’
  24. Second wave ebbing, but business down in Gujarat
  25. IIM-A survey finds sales improving but margins shrinking for businesses - Hindu Business Line
  26. IIM-A survey finds sales improving but margins shrinking for businesses -
  27. IIM-Survey shows that sales are improving, but corporate profit margins are declining -
  28. IIM-A survey shows sales are improving, but margins for companies are shrinking -
  29. MSME survey finds sales, margins higher
  30. High cost pressure on business continues, sale, profit level improve a bit: IIM-A survey
  31. Market recovering from Covid blow
  32. Business Inflation Expectations Survey (BIES) – February 2022
  33. IIM-A survey: Inflation expectations remain high
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