Prof. Sukhpal Singh - Gender Centre Research Data

Research Papers

  • White Gold" for Whom? A study of Institutional Aspects of Work andWages in Cotton GPNs in India, in E Noronha and P D'Cruz (eds.):Critical Perspectives on Work and employment in Globalising India, Chapter 2, pp. 15-36. 2017, Springer, Singapore.
  • Gendered BoP hygiene markets in rural India: Learning from A Case of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Hong Kong Journal of Social Work 51(1/2), 2017. 
  • Fresh Produce Markets, Standards, and Dynamics of Labour: Grapes in India, in Dev Nathan, Meenu Tewari and Sandip Sarkar (eds.) Labour in Global Value Chains in Asia, CUP, 2016, Chapter 5, 91-115.
  • Gender and Child Labour in Cottonseed Production in India: A case study of Gujarat, Indian Journal of Labour Economics, 51(3), 2008, 445-458.
  • Contract Farming in India: Impacts on Women and Child Workers', the Gatekeeper Series Paper No. 111, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London, 2003.
  • Labour under Contract Farming in India: Issues of Gender and Child Labour", Indian  Journal of Labour Economics, 44 (4), October-December, 2001  (Conference Issue). 
  • Governance and upgrading in export grape global production networks in India, Capturing the Gains Working paper No. 33, Univ. of Manchester, Manchester, 2013
  • The Export Value Chain of Baby Corn in India: Governance, Inclusion and Upgrading, Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy, 8(1–2) 172–207, 2019.

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