IIMA-IGPC Conference on Gold and Gold Markets, 2019

Gold & Gold Markets Conference Schedule 9 Feb 2019

Date of the Conference: February 9, 2019

Venue: The IBIS Hotel, Aerocity New Delhi, India

India Gold Policy Center (IGPC) at IIMA organised the second conference on policy-relevant research on gold related topics. This was a mix of panel discussions, paper presentations and case study presentations. It was widely attended by policy makers, academia and stakeholders from the trade.

For the benefit of those interested in the subject we have below given the links of paper presentations wherever the author has given consent.

Conference Committee

Committee Members

  • Prof. Dirk Baur (UWA Business School, University of Western Australia)
  • Prof. Brian Lucey (Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin)
  • Mr. Rajesh Khosla (Chairman Emeritus, MMTC-PAMP)
  • Prof. Kavita Rao (NIPFP)
  • Prof. Gourav Vallabh (XLRI)
  • Prof. Sanket Mohapatra (IIMA Faculty Coordinator)
  • Prof. Joshy Jacob (IIMA Faculty Coordinator)


Mentors: Prof. Arvind Sahay, Chairperson IGPC & Prof. Errol D'Souza, Director, IIMA

Moderator of Policy Panel: Mr. P.R. Somasundaram, MD, World Gold Council (India)

Conference Organizers: Mr Sudheesh Nambiath, Associate Vice President IGPC and Team IGPC


Agenda of Conference on Gold and Gold Markets - February 9, 2019 Photo Gallery



External Research Papers / Case Studies

  1. Decomposing the macroeconomic dynamics of gold – an econometric explanation
  2. Does volume of gold consumption influence the world gold price?
  3. Time varying risk premium at gold futures market
  4. Predictive analytics for devising gold prices – case study of price prediction for importing gold from Thailand to India
  5. Mapping the perception of consumers of post-liberalisation generation towards symbolic values of gold
  6. A study of various purposes and avenues to invest in gold
  7. Case study of consumption trend in the digital gold – an analysis of over a million customers by MMTC-PAMP


Internal Research Papers / Case Studies

  1. Case study of Challenges in scaling gold retailing
  2. Impact of price path on disposition bias
Staging Enabled