Conference on Gold and Gold Markets, 2018 by IGPC@ IIMA

India Gold Policy Center (IGPC) at IIMA will host a Conference on policy-relevant research on gold related issues on January 12, 2018. The Conference will focus on a range of topics, from motives of households to invest in gold, the structure of gold markets, to macroeconomic policies relating to gold. The Conference will facilitate interaction among academia, policy makers, and other key stakeholders.

The conference will feature an inaugural session on key issues for gold and gold markets, a presentation on the global gold scenario, and a panel discussion on "Designing an effective policy and regulatory framework for gold in India". The panel discussion will include senior policy makers, industry experts and key stakeholders. This will be followed by a brief interaction with media representatives.

The rest of the sessions would comprise technical presentations on a range of research themes related to gold. Ten research papers will be presented by academics in Indian and international institutions. (see Annexure for a list). Four research studies funded by the IGPC and conducted by IIMA faculty and doctoral students will be presented at the conference. The conference will also include a session on policy-relevant themes by industry experts.

Invitees and key participants:

Guest of Honor: Shri Govind Mohan, Joint Secretary (IER & Investment), DEA (Dept. of Economic Affairs), Ministry of Finance, GoI

Special Invitee: Mr John Reade, Chief Market Strategist, World Gold Council                            

Conference Mentors: Prof. Arvind Sahay, Head IGPC, and Prof. Errol D'Souza, Director, IIMA

Conference Committee Members: Prof. Dirk Baur (University of Western Australia); Mr. Mrugank Paranjape, (MD & CEO, MCX of India Ltd.); Prof. Charan Singh (IIM Bangalore); Prof. Gourav Vallabh (XLRI); and Prof. Jayanth R. Varma (IIMA); Prof. Kavita Rao (NIPFP)

Moderator of Policy Panel: Mr Sudheesh Nambiath, Precious Metals Demand, GFMS South Asia  & UAE Supply Chain & Commodities Research,Thomson Reuters

Faculty Coordinators: Prof. Joshy Jacob and Prof. Sanket Mohapatra (IIMA)


Agenda of Conference on Gold and Gold Markets - January 12, 2018 Photo Gallery



External Research Papers

  1. Gold and Geopolitical Risk
  2. A Study of Excess Volatility of Gold and Silver
  3. Does Information Spillover And Leverage Effect Exist In World Gold Markets?
  4. Estimating Elasticity of Import Demand for Gold in India
  5. Gold, Gold mining Stocks and Equities – exploring their hedge, diversifier and safe haven properties in developed markets
  6. Investigation of Price Discovery for Gold Future Market Prices
  7. Multifractal modeling of the Indian gold market
  8. Relationship between Gold and other markets: A Cointegration approach with structural breaks
  9. Return and Volatility Spillovers: An Evaluation of India's Demonetization Policy
  10. Sources of Uncertainty and the Indian Economy


IGPC-funded research papers

  1. Gold Monetization in India as a Transformative Policy: A Mixed Method Analysis
  2. Distribution of durable assets across households and generations: A mathematical model
  3. Impact of CTT on gold derivatives markets: Analysis based on ultra-high frequency order flow and trade data
  4. Gold in central bank reserves: Role of global risk and liquidity

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