CMHS Activities

A. CMHS offer the following Executive Education Programme (EEP):

I. Hospital Management
II. Clinical Laboratory Management
III. Data Analysis for Healthcare Management

B. CMHS conducts monthly seminars inviting speakers from Healthcare organizations and academic institutions. Speakers from pharma Industries, academicians, and researchers in the field of Healthcare Management are invited to share their perspectives on various topics. The video recording of seminar talks are available at:

C. CMHS also conducts an annual conference entitled IIMA International Conference on Advances in Healthcare Management Services. The first conference was held in June 2015 and the second conference was held in December 2016. The conference objective is to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, practitioners, healthcare administrators care providers and policy makers from around the world to share cutting-edge research, new ideas, debate issues and address latest developments in the domain of Healthcare management. Video documentation of the conference has been made available for the purpose of reference for future researchers.

D. CMHS conducts two-day workshops on Healthcare Analytics, Quality Management of Healthcare Organizations etc. to provide an in-depth understanding of important concepts and techniques for healthcare practice and research. Practitioners and researchers in the Healthcare sector have benefitted through this programmes.

E. An annual four-day summer school on different areas such as Advanced Research Methods in Healthcare Management Services is organized by the CMHS. It is designed to provide a platform to research students and young faculty members from all over the country working on challenges associated with management of healthcare services.

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