Ph.D. Dissertations

S.No.  Name of the Student Thesis Title Year of Graduation
56 Vanita  Singh Implications of Delivering Healthcare through Strategic Partnerships under Publicly Funded Health Insurance Schemes: Analysis of Equity in Access, Demand for Health Services and Quality of Care in Indian Context 2021
55 Arpit Shah   Urban Land Use and the Heat Island Effect 2020
54 Dipti Gupta Aligning Decarbonization of Energy Systems and Sustainable Development in India: Synergies and Tradeoffs 2020
53 Harsh Mittal   Spatial Topology of Urban Policy Assemblage: A Post-Structuralist Analysis of making of India's Smart Cities 2020
52 Samudra Sen Higher Education in India: Efficiency, Quality and Sustainability Aspects 2019
51 Vidhee Avashia Development, Climate Change and Indian Cities: Framing and Implementing Policies 2019
50 Akshay Milap Why are “Free” Policy Benefits Left on the Table? Examining the Role & Cost-Effectiveness of Informational Assistance Strategies on Policy Non-Take-Up in India 2018
49 Debdatta Mukherjee Essays on Corporate Social Performance (CSP) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Global to Firm Level Analysis 2018
48 Deepika Saluja A Process Evaluation of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) Enrolment Process:  Lens of Accountability 2018
47 G V Radhakrishnan Private Sector Participation and Container Terminal Efficiency Issues and Evidence from India 2018
46 Saritha Sudharmma Vishwanathan Integrating Water and Energy Systems for India 2018
45 Shuchi Srinivasan Essays on Frontline Workers’ Motivation and Performance under Public Programs: A Multi-Method Study 2018
44 Rajiv Ranjan Self-Initiated Teacher Innovations in Government Rural Elementary Schools: Evolution, Impact, and Sustainability 2017
43 Rishabh Dara A Framework to Analyse the Telecommunications Policy Process in India 2017
42 Kalyan Bhasker Solar and Bioenergy Scenarios for India: Modeling & Policy Assessment 2015
41 Poojan Paresh Chokshi Sustainable Low Carbon Urban Mobility: An Assessment of Future Scenarios and Policies for India 2015
40 T S Ramakrishnan  Modal Shift Estimation and Financial Viability of High Speed Rail in India: The Case Study of Ahmedabad-Mumbai Corridor 2015
39 Hem Himanshu Dholakia Climate Change, Air Pollution and Public Health in India: Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies 2014
38 Prakriti Naswa Uncertainty and Risk Management of Climate Change Impacts on Infrastructure Assets 2014
37 Shivika Mittal Sustainable Low Carbon  Transport: An Integrated Policy Framework and Assessment for India 2014
36 Deepak Sethia Savings and Investment in Indian States: Implications for Growth and Public Finances 2013
35 Kinshuk Saurabh Essays in Mergers & Acquisitions, Governance Structures and  Valuation 2013
34 Naval Bharti Verma Measurement of Systemic Risk and its Drivers 2013
33 Amir Bashir Bazaz Managing the Water-Energy-Climate Change Nexus: An Integrated Policy Road Map for India 2011
32 Astha Agarwalla Infrastructure Investments, Urbanization and Regional Growth in India 2011
31 Prasoon Agarwal Infrastructure for a Low-Carbon Economy: Future Scenarios & Policies for India 2011
30 Prabal V Singh Managing Maternal Health Care Services Through Public Private Partnerships: Policy Issues and Implications : “A Study of the Chiranjeevi Scheme in Panchmahals District of Gujarat, India” 2010
29 Pramod Kumar Yadav Managing Investment and Risks in Indian Electricity Generation Markets 2010
28 Diptiranjan Mahapatra Life Cycle Costs and Energy Market  Equilibrium: A Policy Assessment for India 2009
27 Salman Shakir Khan Managing Climate Change Risks in Cities:  A Study of Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies 2009
26 Satyam Shivam Sundaram Formation Process of Public Private Partnership in Transport Infrastructure in India 2009
25 Subash Dhar Natural Gas Market in India: Evolution and Future Scenarios 2008
24 Kamal Kishore Sharma Future Energy Transitions in India: An Assessment of New and Renewable Energy Technologies 2006
23 Debashish Biswas Power Sector Reform: Emergency Generation Markets and Externalities 2005
22 S Balasubramaniam An Assessment of Electricity Reforms: Restructuring, Improving Access and Policies for the Future 2005
21 Tirthankar Nag Implications of Electricity Reforms on Technology and Environment 2005
20 Deepa Menon Managing Urban Air Quality in India: Models, Policy Instruments and Institutions 2004
19 Manmohan Kapshe Integrated Assessment of Energy and Environment Future: Linking Policy to Implementation 2003
18 Rajesh Nair Energy Security in South Asia: Integrating the Primary Energy and Electricity Markets 2003
17 Pratima S Dynamics of Energy and Electricity Markets: Policy Analysis for India 2002
16 Amit Kumar Garg Technologies, Policies and Measures for energy  and Environment Future 2001
15 Debyani Ghosh Long Term Technology Strategies and Policies for  Indian Power Sector 2001
14 Ravi Babu Manchala A Disaggregate Study Mode Choice for Inland of  Export Cargo Containerized on Sea 2001
13 Krishan Kumar Sharma Occupational Withdrawal: A Study of Indian MNOs in the International Shipping Industry 1998
12 Yogesh Kumar Bhatt Decision Support System for Urban Bus Route Network Design 1998
11 Suranjan Das  Firm Level Technological Learning and Performance : An Empirical Study in the Indian Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry 1997
10 Astad R Pastakia  Grassroots Innovations for Sustainable Development : The Case of Agricultural Pest Management 1996
9 Rishikesha T Krishnan  Response of National R&D Laboratories to Environmental Change : A Study of Five Indian Industrial R&D Laboratories 1996
8 Vijaykumar Aruldas Understanding Hospital Organizational Performance : An Empirical Study 1994
7 Indranil Chakrabarti  An Organisational Enquiry Into Social Movements 1993
6 K R Maitreyi Ecological Movements – Strategies for Managing Conflicts Around Natural Resources - A Case of Forests 1992
5 Debiprasad Mishra  Communication for Development Programmes : An Information Integration Analytic Study of Communicator Effectiveness 1991
4 Oscar Jose Barros  Government Policy, Technology Development, Industry Structure and Performance of Industry - An Analysis of Three Industries 1990
3 Charu Sheela Naik  Industrial Energy Use and Environment Quality : A Case Study of Ahmedabad 1989
2 Dipti Sethi  Interorganizational Coordination in Development Programmes : A Case on Integrated Child Development Services 1989
1  S J Phansalkar Risk in Agriculture and Agricultural Development : The Role of Public Policy 1989
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