Production & Quantitative Methods

About the area

The Production & Quantitative Methods (P&QM) area engages in interdisciplinary research, teaching and consulting relating to scientific methodologies in Operations Management, Operations Research and Statistics. The goal is to design, influence and enable good management practices and strengthen policies by providing the necessary strategic thinking, tools and techniques for evidence-based decision-making towards improving organizational performance in an increasingly data intensive world.


Faculty research interests in operations management are on strategic or operational issues related to manufacturing and service planning, supply chain coordination, shop floor scheduling and improving productivity of plant operations, design of operations, technological change and innovation, R&D capabilities, economics of flexible operations and process planning and in the area of Public sector and socially responsible operations.

In operations research, faculty members have expertise in linear and integer programming, large scale optimization, combinatorial optimization, revenue management and network optimization. Interest in this area is both in modeling as well as in development of algorithms and heuristics for such problems. Typical application areas for research include finance, logistics, and the process industry.

Faculty research interests in statistics include modeling discrete and financial data, survey sampling, finite population inference, biostatistics, longitudinal and survival analysis, Bayesian inference, reliability analysis, time series analysis, statistical genetics, directional statistics, functional data analysis and stochastic processes.


The area offers several courses in Operations management, Operations research, and Statistics across all the programmes of the institute. In addition, faculty members offer a wide array of Executive Education Programmes, both on-campus and online, that cater to a large number of working professionals from diverse backgrounds. The complete list of courses on offer with a brief summary of each is provided here


The area welcomes applications from candidates who have demonstrated strong research capabilities in carrying out interdisciplinary work, especially those that can influence management, theory, practice and policy, as well as methodological developments in any of the core fields, namely operations management, operations research or statistics. The following areas will be of special interest: Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, Causal Inference, logistics and transportation, sustainable operations, empirical operations management, big data analytics, high dimensional data analysis, managing platforms and sharing economy, Industry 4.0, smart mobility.

Contact information

Sr. No. Faculty Email Office Extn. Secretary Extn.
1 Prof. Ankur Sinha New Faculty Block Room No. C-7 4837 Ms. Anjali Nair
2 Prof. Arnab.K. Laha KLMDC Room No.37 4947 Ms. Shylaja Deepak
3 Prof. Chetan Soman New Faculty Block Room No. C 15 4839 Ms. Ranna Bhatt
4 Prof. Debjit Roy KLMDC Room No.62 4823 Ms. Latha Panicker
5 Prof. Dhiman Bhadra KLMDC Room No. 19 4893 Ms. Reji Pillai
6 Prof. Diptesh Ghosh KLMDC Room No. 7 4917 Mr. Uday Bhanu P G
7 Prof. Karthik Sriram (Chairperson) KLMDC Room No. 20 4875 Ms. Riddhi Majithiya
8 Prof. Maya Ganesh IMDC Room No.7 4407 Ms.Vinodini Raveendran
9 Prof. Prahalad Venkateshan KLMDC Room No. 43 4894 Ms.Viddhi P. Kotak
10 Prof. Sachin Jayaswal KLMDC Room No. 41 4877 Mr. Hiren N. Shah
11 Prof. Saral Mukherjee New Faculty Block Room No. C 3 4929 Vaishali Joshi
12 Prof. Sriram Sankaranarayanan New Faculty Block Room No B 17 4805 Mr.Hiren N. Shah
1. Prof. Arindam Banerjee New Faculty Block Room No.C 11 4898 Ms.Ranna Bhatt
2. Prof. Sundaravalli Narayanaswami KLMDC Room No. 24 4942 Mr. Harshad Parmar


Area Chairperson Prof. Karthik Sriram KLMDC Room No. 20 4875
Area Secretary Ms. Vinodini Raveendran (Assist Manager - P&QM Area) KLMDC 7974


Visiting Faculty

  • Prof. N Ravichandran
  • Prof. Shardul Phadnis
  • Prof. G. Raghuram


Academic Associates

S N Name Email Office Extn.
1 Abhay Kumar RA-10 , New  campus 4430
2 Jaydeep Gohel KLMDC coffee shop 7950
3 Najma Barkat KLMDC 7785
4 Ritika Bothra KLMDC con. Room 7752
5 Vaidant Dixit KLMDC 7905
6 Virali Vora RA 2, New Campus  4422
7 Philbin M. Philip CC G-1 table 11 7747
8 Nikunj Patel Dorm 15, Room No.6 7506


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