Marketing Area delivers marketing concept, theories, principles and content to PGP, PGPX , and FPM & FDP programmes. In addition, marketing area offers many management development programs and customized in-company training programs are all designed to help managers across the nation to appreciate the pivotal role that marketing plays in the success of an organization. Aside from delivering content geared towards customer orientation and customer satisfaction; marketing area at IIMA aims to develop innovative solutions to customer problems and continued improvement process on how to stay ahead of competition through customer orientation. All the marketing sessions and programs are intended to offer our students with the skills, tools, concepts, and practices that they may require to be customer-oriented business leaders, while being thoughtful and ethical.



The Area offers two compulsory courses in marketing in the first year of the Post-Graduate Program. In the second year, the Area offers the following elective courses:

1. Advertising and Sales Promotion Management
2. Business to Business Marketing
3. Consumer Behaviour and Technology
4. Customer Based Business Strategies
5. Customer Relationship Management
6. International Business and Foreign Market Entry in BRIC Countries
7. Managing Customer Value Delivery
8. Managing Luxury Business
9. Market Research and Information Systems 
10. Marketing Management in the World of High Technologies and Innovation
11. Neuroscience and Consumer Behaviour
12. Pricing 
13. Seminar on Brand Management
14. Seminar on Retail Management
15. Sports Marketing
16. Strategic Marketing
17.Strategies for Digital Marketing and e-Business

These elective courses become more productive as the faculty attempts to admit selected students and therefore work more closely in order to achieve higher levels of learning. Most of these courses have dovetailed field experiences to deliver real life experience to the participants.

In addition to the above electives the area offers one course "International Trade and Investment" along with other area (with Economic).


The Area offers compulsory and elective courses to PGPX.

Compulsory Courses
1. Assessing & Creating Customer Value
2. Delivering and Managing Customer Value

Elective Courses
1. International Marketing
2. Marketing Management in the World of High Technologies and Innovation
3. Professional Selling
4. Retail Management
5. Seminar on Customer Business Strategies
6. Strategic Marketing


FPM Compulsory courses
1. Marketing Strategy
2. Behavioural Science Applications in Marketing
3. Seminar on Quantitative Models in Marketing
4. Marketing Theory and Contemporary Issues
5. Reading Seminar in Marketing Management

FPM Electives
1. Seminar on  BOP
2. Qualitative Methods
3. Mental Accounting,  Pricing and Neuro Marketing
4. Structural Equation Modeling



Area offers three elective courses to FDP participants: Marketing to the BOP, Neuroscience and Consumer Behaviour and Business to Business Marketing.

Area Conference

The 6th IIMA Conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies to be held from January 7 -9, 2015. The conference is hosted by Indian Institute Management, Ahmedabad and supported by Professor Labdhi R. Bhandari Memorial Fund, IIMA. Professors Arindam Banerjee, Anand Kumar Jaiswal, Arvind Sahay, Dheeraj Sharma and Piyush Kumar Sinha are the members of the conference co-ordination committee and Mr. G. A. Chandrasekharan and Mr. T.K. Jose are the conference managers.

MDP Programmes

Area members provided consulting services to seven organizations and designed and offered customized programmes to executives of the seven organisations. The consulting assignments included topics such as understanding and establishing customer value, business development, leadership skills, brand management, building strategic plans, developing strategic implementation plan, and implementation plan for retail strategy, among others. The seven customised programs were offered to middle and senior level managers of organizations. 

The industries benefiting from the efforts included, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, Logistics, FMCG infrastructure, among others.

Many of the Marketing Area faculties conduct national and international programmes.


The Area members conducted research on a variety of topics. They shared their findings through several published papers in national and international journals/books and presentations and invited presentations in conferences and workshops. The focus of the research included topics such as consumer behavior, branding, advertising, sales promotion, retailing, information products and services, bottom of the pyramid, and service centric strategy. The methodologies included both qualitative and advanced quantitative techniques. 


The area members provide consulting help to large and medium size companies and international agencies. The nature of projects includes reviewing and developing marketing strategy and systems, strategic marketing plans and new product introduction strategy.


Primary Faculty Members

Prof. Anand Kumar Jaiswal <
Prof. Arindam Banerjee <>
Prof. Arvind Sahay <>
Prof. Soumya Mukhopadhyay <>
Prof. Akshaya Vijayalakshmi <>
Prof. Sourav Borah <>
Prof. Subhadip Roy <
Prof. Rajat Sharma <>
Prof. Naveen Amblee <>
Prof. Ramanathan Subramaniam <>
Prof. Anuj Kapoor <>
Prof. Hyokjin Kwak <>
Prof. Arun Sreekumar <>

Secondary Faculty Members 

Prof. Arnab Kumar Laha <>
Prof. Sanjay Verma <>
Prof. Rajesh Chandwani <>

Staging Enabled