Human Resources Management (HRM)

Profile of the Area
The Human Resources Management (HRM) Area of IIMA currently comprises of faculty members drawn from different disciplines and has interests in Areas of HRM, Industrial Relations, Labour Economics, Labour Legislation and Industrial Sociology. The activity basket of the Area comprises of Research, postgraduate and Doctoral Level Teaching, Executive Development and Consulting.

Research Activities
Faculty members initiate both empirical as well as applied research in the Areas of their interest. The Area also supports the doctoral level programme of the institute, where students attached to the Area work on specific topics and write a dissertation leading to a Fellow title of the institute. Area faculty members are associated with the fellow programme as advisors as well as informal consultants apart from offering required doctoral level courses for the benefit of participating students. Some of the recent dissertations completed and ongoing in the Area are in Areas of Human Resource Response to Mergers, determinants of executive role competency utilization among IT managers, Knowledge Management and Employee Retaliatory behaviour.

Individual faculty members pursue research in domains related to their interests, which are disciplinary as well as cross disciplinary. They are actively associated with national and international research networks and professional bodies. Some of the research Areas currently being pursued by faculty members are:

Philosophical foundations of HRM

Strategic Human Resource Management

International and Cross Cultural HR

Human Resource Information Systems

Performance Management and High Performing Work Organisations

Executive Compensation

Turnaround Management

Negotiations in Business and Alternate Dispute Resolution

Public Personnel Management

Sectorial studies: SMEs, Startup Companies, ITES and Flexible work organisations

Employment Relations

Ethics in Business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Case Writing is another activity undertaken by all faculty members in the Area. Most cases are based on primary material collected from participating organisations and are used as foundations for further research and as teaching aids in institute programmes. Some of the cases deal with issues related to specific Areas of Human Resource Management like employee development, performance management, discipline management, trade union management and dealing with strikes. However, most cases have multifunctional and strategic orientations dealing with issues like turnaround management, business strategy issues, privatization, small industries, non-government organizations and startups.

Research output of the Area is disseminated to the academic as well as practitioner community by way of publication in reviewed and popular journals, classroom discussions and Management Development Programs. Active exploration is in process to make use of web technology and e-learning methods to disseminate the research findings.

Area Members:
Primary Faculty Members
Prof. Sunil Maheshwari <>
Prof. Manjari Singh <>
Prof. Biju Varkkey <> (Chair)
Prof. Promila Agarwal <>
Prof. Rajesh Chandwani <>
Prof. Miguel Sarrion <>

Area Secretary:

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