Members in the Area conduct research and publish on a variety of themes. Policy related work constitutes a large part of this work and the faculty of the Area has been extensively involved in the formulation and evaluation of public policy. Members explore the rationale and efficacy of policies relating to agriculture, small-scale sector, intellectual property rights, competition, foreign direct investment, technology and state owned enterprises and analyze individual policy instruments in the larger macro-economic context. Recent studies have focused on various issues relating to privatization and financing of public sector enterprises and regulatory and other constraints on the efficiency of the public sector. Linkages between competition law-policy and sector specific regulation are being explored. In addition, significant research is being done in the areas of capital markets, taxation, deficit financing, issues relating to foreign exchange management, balance of payments and broader fiscal and monetary policy in India. The work on fiscal policy reform has had a national as well as a state level focus. Analysis of issues relating to infrastructure has been an important area of work in recent years. Another strand of policy related work has been to investigate firm level responses to various policy initiatives. Other firm level research focuses on the determinants, scope and impact of inter-firm and other alliances in building enterprise level capabilities. Determinants of export behavior and performance of firms is also an important area of firm level research.

Research in the Area has also explored sources of economic growth in India, regional disparities in the country's growth patterns and differential rates of growth of developing countries. Studies relating to rural development, employment, entrepreneurship and industrial clusters are also undertaken. A strand of research on cooperation focuses on issues relating to property rights and incentive structures. Work has also been initiated on the impact of globalization and WTO negotiations on employment, poverty and specific sectors like textiles and the pharmaceuticals industry. Research is not restricted to the Indian economy. Studies analyze developments in East Asia, China, the Commonwealth and other countries.

Most of the research mentioned above involves rigorous analysis of secondary and primary data. Consequently, research in the area grapples with measurement and estimation related issues on a continuing basis. While most of the research is empirical in nature, there is a significant body of work that deals with rational choice, social choice and welfare economic theory. The major focus of research in this area has been the axiomatic characterization of social choice rules in fair division problems and in the theory of elections. Some work on the theoretical underpinnings of corruption has also been undertaken.

Area Members:

Sr.No. Faculty Email Office Telephone Secretary


Prof. Rakesh Basant

Wing 4 H

+91-79-6632 4838

Mr. George
+91-79-6632 4831


Prof. Anindya S. Chakrabarti

Wing 9 F

+91-79-6632 4385

Ms. Vanitha
+91-79-6632 4820


Prof. Chirantan Chatterjee

Wing 15 F

+91-79-6632 4946

Mr. George
+91-79-6632 4831


Prof. Abhiman Das

Wing 14 F

+91-79-6632 4936

Ms. Rag Deepak
+91-79-6632 4831


Prof. Satish Y. Deodhar

Wing 2 G

+91-79-6632 4817

Mr. Udaybhanu
+91-79-6632 4891


Prof. Pritha Dev

Wing 14 D

+91-79-6632 4934

Mr. Harshad
+91-79-6632 4941


Prof. Errol D'Souza

Wing 7 F

+91-79-6632 4866

Mr. Amit
+91-79-6632 4848


Prof. Reetika Khera

Wing 9 D

+91-79-6632 4884

Mr. Hiren
+91-79-6632 4871


Prof. Sanket Mohapatra

Wing 1 F

+91-79-6632 4806

Ms. Viddhi
+91-79-6632 4810


Prof. Sebastian Morris

Wing 1 E

+91-79-6632 4805

Ms. Rini
+91-79-6632 4311


Prof. Viswanath Pingali

Wing 6 J

+91-79-6632 4859

Ms. Latha
+91-79-6632 4820


Prof. Jeevant Rampal

Wing 14 J

+91-79-6632 4939

Ms. Savithri
+91-79-6632 4851


Prof. Chinmay Tumbe

Wing 11 B

+91-79-6632 4902

Ms. Reji
+91-79-6632 4941


Prof. Tarun Jain

Wing 16 E

+91-79-6632 4955

Ms. Snehal Jethva
+91-79-6632 4840



Dr. Y. V. Reddy
(Professor of Practice)






Prof. Raaj Sah
(Distinguished Faculty)

Wing 4 E

+91-79-6632 4835

Ms. Hena Nair
+91-79-6632 4820



Prof. Ranjan Kumar Ghosh

Wing 12 C

+91-79 6632 4913

Ms. Snehal Jethva
+91-79-6632 4840


Prof. Ajeet N. Mathur

Wing 6 H

+91-79-6632 4858

Mr. Ankur
+91-79-6632 4851


Prof. T. T. Ram Mohan

Wing 12 E

+91-79-6632 4915

Mr. Shoeb
+91-79-6632 4831


Prof. Arvind Sahay

Wing 10 F

+91-79-6632 4896

Ms. Sujatha
+91-79-6632 4911


Prof. Ankur Sarin

Wing 3 F

+91-79-6632 4826

Mr. Udaybhanu
+91-79-6632 4891


Prof. Vineet Virmani

Wing 7 H

+91-79-6632 4868

Mr. U J Anjaria
+91-79-6632 4851


Prof. Hari K Nagarajan

Wing 2 J

+91-79-6632 4819

Ms. Mini Nair
+91-79-6632 4820


Area Chairperson

Prof. Sanket Mohapatra

Wing 1 F

+91-79-6632 4806

Area Secretary

Mr. Ankur Sumesra

Wing 6 A

+91-79-6632 4851

Academic Associates

Sr. No.NameEmailOfficeTelephone
1Mr. Ashutosh 5 (NC)+91-79-6632 4425
2Ms. Reema 7 A+91-79-6632 4861
3Mr. Mohammed 16 A+91-79-6632 4961
4Ms. Sristhi 8 A+91-79-6632 4871
5Ms. Warsha 4 K+91-79-6632 4840
6Mr. Aveek 6 A+91-79-6632 4851
7Ms. Madhubanti RA 4+91-79-6632 4424
8Ms. Komal 6 A+91-79-6632 4851
9Ms. Poorvi 1 A+91-79-6632 4810
10Ms. Pragya 13 A+91-79-6632 4921




The Economics Area faculty offer the following courses in various programs.

PGP Compulsory Courses

  1. Microeconomics (ME)
  2. Macroeconomics and Policy (MEP)

PGP Electives

  1. Economics of Strategy (EoS)
  2. Economics of Happiness (EoH)
  3. Massive Change (MC)
  4. Economics of Organisation (EoO)
  5. Labour Markets in Developing Countries (LMDC)
  6. Monetary Theory and Policy (MTP)
  7. Game Theory and Applications (GTA)
  8. Issues in International Finance for Managers (IIFM)
  9. Indian Economy and Society Today (IEST)
  10. Macroeconomics of India: An Applied Perspective (MIAP)
  11. International Trade and Investment (ITI)
  12. International Trade: Theory and Policy (ITTP)
  13. Economics of Food Quality (EFQ)
  14. Managerial Econometrics (MEM)
  15. World Economy: Business, Government and Policy (WEBGP)
  16. Hitchhiker's Guide to Business and Economies across Five Centuries (HITCH)
  17. Understanding Global Organisational Context (UGOC) – Joint Course with BP Area
  18. Economic Development Policy and Growth (EDPG)

FPM (Doctoral Program) Compulsory Courses

  1. Mathematics for Economists
  2. Microeconomics I
  3. Macroeconomics I
  4. Econometrics I

FPM (Doctoral Program) Electives

  1. ​Microeconomics II
  2. Macroeconomics II
  3. Econometrics  II
  4. Development Economics
  5. Public Finance – Joint Course with PSG Area
  6. Economics of Strategy ​
  7. Economic Development and Growth ​​
  8. Network and Granularity ​ 
  9. Global Business and Economic History 
  10. Impact Evaluation
  11. Advanced Time Series Analysis
  12. Advanced Game Theory


PGP-X Compulsory Courses

  1. Firms and Markets (FAM)
  2. Open Economy Macroeconomics (OEM)


PGPX Electives

  1. International Economics and Political Environment (IEPE)
  2. Macroeconomic Performance of the Indian Economy in Recent Times (MPIERT)



Economic Environment and Policy (EEP)

Staging Enabled