List of CMA Publications

S.No. Year Pub. No. Title of the Study Author(s)/ Editor(s)
1. 2017 251 Institutional Innovations in the Delivery of Farm Services in India: A Smallholder Perspective Sukhpal Singh
2. 2017 250 Rice Productivity and Food Security in India: A Study of the System of Rice Intensification Poornima Varma
3. 2017 249 Marketed and Marketable Surplus of Major Food Grains in India Vijay Paul Sharma, Harsh Wardhan
4. 2017 248 Oilseed Production in India: The Problems and Prospects Vijay Paul Sharma
5. 2016 247 Introduction of Biotechnology in India's Agriculture: Impact, Performance, and Economics Vasant P Gandhi, Dinesh Jain
6. 2014 246 Producer Companies in India: Organization and Performance Sukhpal Singh, Tarunvir Singh
7. 2014 245 Management of Agri-Business Contracts and Organizations Samar K Datta
8. 2013 244 Assessing Policy Interventions in Agri-Business and Allied Sector Credit versus Credit Plus Approach for Livelihood Promotion Samar K Datta, Debdatta Pal, Anirban Ghosh, Souvik Naskar, Tapas Layek
9. 2013 243 Agricultural Market Integration and Trade Competitiveness of Indian Agriculture D Kumara Charyulu, M Prahadeeswaran
10. 2011 242 Studies in Agri-business V N Asopa
11. 2011 241 Infrastructure for Agri- Business V N Asopa
12. 2012 240 Towards a Perspective on Flow of Credit to Small and Marginal Farmers in India Samar Datta, M S Sriram
13. 2011 239 Organic Input Production and Marketing in India – Efficiency, Issues and Policies Kumara Charyulu Deevi, Subho Biswas
14. 2011 238 Fresh Food Retail Chains in India: Organisation and Impacts Sukhpal Singh, Naresh Singla
15. 2011 237 Improving Irrigation Management in India: A Study of Participatory Irrigation Management in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra Vasant P Gandhi, N V Namboodiri
16. 2012 236 Developing India's Strategic Response to the Global Debate on Fisheries Subsidies Samar K Datta, Rahul Nilakantan and Rajendra Patel
17. 2011 235 India's Global Tea Trade: Reducing Shares, Declining Competitiveness V N Asopa
18. 2010 234 High Growth Trajectory and Structural Changes in Gujarat Agriculture Edited by Ravindra H Dholakia, Samar Datta
19. 2011 233 Economic Policy Reforms and Indian Fertilizer Industry Vijay Paul Sharma, Hrima Thaker
20. 2010 232 Economics of Bt Cotton vis-à-vis Non-Bt Cotton in the State of Maharashtra, India Vasant P Gandhi, N V Namboodiri
21. 2009 231 Making Great Rann of Kutch Capable of Producing Food by Specially Designed Hydroponics System Girja Sharan, Maha Pratap Chandra
22. 2010 230 Agricultural Machinery Industry in India: Growth, Structure, Marketing and Buyer Behaviour Sukhpal Singh
23. 2009 229 Performance of Formal Rural Credit in India. Gurdev Singh
24. 2010 228 Towards Evolving an Agricultural Policy Matrix in a Federal Structure-The Post-WTO Scenario in India Samar K Datta, Rahul Nilakantan and Milindo Chakrabarti
25. 2007 227 Emerging Markets for GM Foods: An Indian Perspective on Consumer Understanding and Willingness to Pay Satish Deodhar, Sankar Ganesh, Wen S Chern
26. 2007 226 Frontiers of Agricultural Development in Gujarat Edited by Ravindra H Dholakia
27. 2007 225 Study of Model Demonstration Unit of a Modern Supply Chain for Fresh Vegetables in the Ahmedabad Area Girja Sharan, Kishore Rawale
28. 2006 224 Contract Farming of Medicinal Herbs and Organic Crops in India Gurdev Singh, S R Asokan
29. 2006 223 Market Integration and Market Access for Agricultural Commodities in India Satish Deodhar, Vijay Pual Sharma, Gopal Naik, Vijay Intodia
30. 2009 222 Organic Produce Supply Chains in India: Organisation and Governance Sukhpal Singh
31. 2006 221 Fruit and Vegetable Marketing in India: Consolidated Study of Wholesale Markets in Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kolkata Vasant P Gandhi, N V Namboodiri
32. 2006 220 Livestock Service Delivery and the Poor: Case of Rural Orissa Vinod Ahuja, Arindam Sen
33. 2006 219 Processed Food Marketing in India: Selective Case Studies P M Shingi, D S Parmar
34. 2007 218 Edible Oils and Oilseeds Economy of India Vijay Paul Sharma, Saradendu Patnaik, Hiren Tilala
35. 2005 217 India's Apple Market: Prospects and Policies for Trade Satish Deodhar
36. 2006 216 Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables in India: A Study of the Wholesale Markets in Ahmedabad Area Vasant P Gandhi, N V Namboodiri
37. 2006 215 Flow of Credit to Small and Marginal Farmers in India Samar K Datta, M S Sriram
38. 2005 214 Physical Dimensions and Some Quality Aspects of Fruits and Vegetables Marketed in Ahmedabad Girja Sharan, Kishore Rawale
39. 2005 213 Contract Farming in India: Text and Cases Gurdev Singh, S R Asokan
40. 2003 212 Management of Agro-Processing Enterprises in India: Strategic Marketing Issues S L Bapna
41. 2003 211 Economic Efficiency of Indian Sugar Industry Samar Datta, Vijay Paul Sharma, Soumendra Nath Ghosh, Pritee Sharma, Madalsa Gandhi
42. 2003 210 Rural Consumers: An Empirical Profile P M Shingi, Priya Jadeja, D S Parmar
43. 2006 209 Reform the Subsidy Regime: Implications for the Agriculture Sector: Review Study on Fertilizer, Seed, Diesel and Credit Subsidies Vasant P Gandhi, N T Patel
44. 2003 208 Private Initiatives in Extension for Agricultural and Social Development P M Shingi, Priya Jadeja
45. 2003 207 Markets and Technology: A Study of Farmer Behaviour in Selection of Pest Control Technology Vasant P. Gandhi, N T Patel
46. 2003 206 A Study on Strategy for Indian FCV Tobacco Exports S L Bapna
47. 2003 205 A Management Perspective for Sustainable Fisheries: The Indian Scenario Samar K Datta, Milindo Chakrabarti
48. 2003 204 Contract Theory and its Application to Sugar Enterprises in India Samar K Datta, Satyajit Sen, Kriti Bardhan Gupta
49. 2003 203 Management of Raw Material Procurement: Case Studies in Agro-Processing S L Bapna
50. 2003 202 Managing Research Networks: A Study of Inter-Organizational Linkages Anil K Gupta, Mohammad Rais
51. 2003 201 Rural Marketing and Communication: Cases and Text S P Seetharaman, P M Shingi, Priya Jadeja
52. 2003 200 A Study on the Performance of Indian Commodity Futures Markets Gopal Naik, Sudhir Kumar Jain
53. 2004 199 Competitiveness and Bound Tariff Requirements of Indian Agricultural Commodities Gopal Naik, Gurdev Singh, S R Asokan, Sudhir Kumar Jain, Tamanna Chaturvedi
54. 2004 198 Competitiveness in Global Tea Trade V N Asopa
55. 2004 197 Strategic Food Quality Management: Analysis of Issues and Policy Options Satish Deodhar
56. 2002 196 Trade Liberalization and Indian Dairy Industry Vijay Paul Sharma, Pritee Sharma
57. 2001 195 In Search of a New Paradigm for Agricultural Extension in India Vinod Ahuja, Meeta Punjabi
58. 2001 194 Organization and Management of Rural Financial Sector: Text, Cases and Exercises B M Desai, N V Namboodiri
59. 2002 193 Ginger and Ginger Products: Management of Marketing and Exports with Special Reference to the Eastern Himalayan Region Samar K Datta, Gurdev Singh, Milindo Chakrabarti
60. 2004 192 Private Investment Behaviour in Indian Agriculture (1950-51 to 1992-93): A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation Vasant P Gandhi, Gyanendra Mani
61. 2001 191 Implications of WTO Agreements for Indian Agriculture Samar Datta and Satish Deodhar (Coordinators)
62. 2001 190 Adoption and Management Aspects of Farm Forestry in North-West India Vijay Paul Sharma, Arvind Kumar
63. 2001 189 Towards a Total Perspective on Export of Indian Rice Samar K Datta, Sanjeev Kapoor, Vijay K Bhasin
64. 2000 188 Design and Development of Packaging for Tomato in Gujarat Girja Sharan, S M Srivastava, Umang Dave
65. 1999 187 Cyclone Induced Damage to Orchards: Some Observations from Khedoi (Kachchh) Girja Sharan, B M Rao, T Madhavan, S S Pokharna
66. 2000 186 A Study into the Quality of Seeds Used by Farmers Gurdev Singh, G S Mann, S R Asokan, S N Chokshi
67. 2000 185 The Economics of Seed Production at Farm Level Gurdev Singh, S R Asokan, S N Chokshi
68. 2001 184 Econometric Modeling of the Indian Cotton Textile Industry Gopal Naik, Sudhir Kumar Jain, Santosh Kumar Singh
69. 2000 183 Revitalization of Credit Cooperatives through Business Development Planning Samar K Datta, Sanjeev Kapoor
70. 1998 182 An Operational Study of the CJ Patel Vegetable and Fruit Market of Ahmedabad Girja Sharan, T Madhavan, S C B Siripurapu, M Krishna Kumar, S H Gabani
71. 1998 181 Economic and Management Aspects of Cassava Cultivation and Processing in India Gurdev Singh, S R Asokan
72. 1998 180 User Participation and Incentives to Perform in Indian Irrigation Systems Shashi Kolavalli
73. 1997 179 Agricultural Development Paradigm for the Ninth Plan Under New Economic Environment Edited by BM Desai
74. 1997 178 Understanding Fodder Marketing: A Study in Gujarat S P Seetharaman, Gurdev Singh, K R Pichholiya
75. 1997 177 Information System for Monitoring Survival Rate in Social Forestry Plantations Gurdev Singh, S P Seetharaman
76. 1997 176 Management of Seed Production Activity Gurdev Singh, S R Asokan
77. 1998 175 Economics and Management of Non-Timber Forest Products: A Case Study of Gujarat, India D D Tewari
78. 1996 174 Simulation Model of a Urea Plant Girja Sharan, Arabinda Tripathy, M Krishna Kumar
79. 1996 173 Banking Credit for Farm Inputs Marketing Business: Macro Perspective and Micro Realities B M Desai, N V Namboodiri
80. 1996 172 Econometric Modelling of the Indian Silk Industry Gopal Naik, Santosh Kumar Singh, Nalini Govind
81. 1995 171 Management of Irrigation Systems: The Cases of Meshwo and Phophal in Gujarat, India Shashi Kolavalli, Amar H Kalro, Gopal Naik, Nitin Shah
82. 1997 170 Religious Pursuit and Material Growth: A Study of Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Kshetra Ranjit Gupta, B L Tripathi
83. 1996 169 A Study into Production and Marketing of Jetropha Curcas Gurdev Singh, S P Seetharaman, S N Chokshi
84. 1996 168 Collective Action, Leadership and Success in Agricultural Cooperatives: A Study of Gujarat and West Bengal Samar K Datta, Sanjeev Kapoor
85. 1994 167 International Castor Oil Market: An Econometric Analysis D D Tewari, V M Rao
86. 1992 166 Synthetic Daily Rainfall Data Generation Girja Sharan, M Krishna Kumar
87. 1992 165 Post Production Handling and Transport of Apple: A Mathematical Model Girja Sharan, Sandeep Kayastha, M Krishna Kumar
88. 1994 164 Seed Replacement Rates: Performance and Problems Gurdev Singh, S R Asokan
89. 1994 163 Labour Absorption Potential of Wastelands Development in India Gurdev Singh
90. 1994 162 Non-Farm Rural Products: Marketing and Financing Edited by Gurdev Singh
91. 1993 161 Rural Financial Institutions: Promotion and Performance B M Desai, N V Namboodiri
92. 1994 160 EC-1992 and Beyond Edited by V R Gaikwad
93. 1993 159 Demand and Supply Prospects for High Quality Raw Silk Gopal Naik, K R Babu
94. 1994 158 Managing Food Processing Industries in India (Indepth Case Studies of Manufacturer Exporters and Analysis) U K Srivastava, N T Patel
95. 1992 157 Land Resource Management: A Case Study of Goa Gurdev Singh, Vinod Ahuja
96. 1993 156 Fresh Water Aquaculture in India U K Srivastava, B H Dholakia, S Sreenivas Rao, S Vathsala
97. 1992 155 Agricultural Input Marketing S P Seetharaman
98. 1992 154 Raw Hides and Skins for Leather Industry: Supply and Market Structure D P Mathur, T K Moulik, S N Chokshi
99. 1992 153 Designing and Accessible and Accountable Administrative System- Why Do Not People Protest? Anil K Gupta, S T Patil, Rakesh Singh
100. 1991 152 Growth of Tractors: Mathematical Models Girja Sharan, Sandeep Kayastha
101. 1991 151 Institutional Finance for Agriculture B M Desai, N V Namboodiri
102. 1991 150 Castor Economy: A Profile and Analysis of Indian and International Market D D Tewari, V M Rao
103. 1991 149 Women Weavers Indira J Parikh, Pulin K Garg, Indu Menon
104. 1991 148 Fishery Sector of India U K Srivastava, B H Dholakia, S Vathsala, K Chidambaram
105. 1992 147 Soybean System in India S L Bapna, S P Seetharaman, K R Pichholiya
106. 1991 146 Food Processing Industries: Development and Financial Performance B M Desai, V K Gupta, N V Namboodiri
107. 1990 145 Seed Industry in India: A Management Perspective Gurdev Singh, V N Asopa, S R Asokan
108. 1990 144 Lift Irrigation in Panchmahal Girja Sharan, Sandeep Kayastha
109. 1991 143 Floriculture Industry in India Shashi Kolavalli, L K Atheeq, Xavier Jacob
110. 1990 142 Pesticides Industry in India: Issues and Constraints in its Growth U K Srivastava, N T Patel
111. 1990 141 Economic and Policy Issues for Bagasse-based Paper and Newsprint in India Tirath Gupta, Vinod Ahuja
112. 1991 140 Regional Energy Demand Model and Analysis for Gujarat, Kerala and Rajasthan T K Moulik, B H Dholakia, R H Dholakia, K V Ramani and P R Shukla
113. 1991 139 Energy Demand for Agriculture in India in the Year 2000 T K Moulik, B H Dholakia and P R Shukla
114. 1990 138 Cocoa: Production and Marketing in India V N Asopa, S Narayanan
115. 1990 137 Medicinal Herb: Psyllium - Production and Marketing in India V K Gupta, D P Mathur, B Rangarajan
116. 1990 136 Rural Banking: Learning to Unlearn- An Action Research Enquiry Anil K Gupta, Manu Shroff
117. 1989 135 Agro-Processing: Strategy for Acceleration and Exports (Editors: U K Srivastava, S Vathsala)
118. 1989 134 Framework for an Integrative Role of Rural Financial Institutions: A Study of Malpur Taluka in Gujarat B M Desai, Ranjit Gupta, BL Tripathi
119. 1988 133 Forest-Based Cellulosic Materials for the Paper Industry in India: Demand-Supply Management and Pricing Policy Tirath Gupta
120. 1988 132 Institutional Finance in Rural India: Efficiency and Efficacy Gurdev Singh, S R Asokan
121. 1988 131 Food-Energy Nexus and Ecosystem Edited by T K Moulik
122. 1988 130 Groundnut Financing of Trade, Processing Units and Distribution of Finished Products U K Srivastava
123. 1987 129 Financing of Kapas Cloth System Gurdev Singh, S P Seetharaman
124. 1988 128 Rice Production, Productivity and Research Management D K Desai, Madalsa Gandhi
125. 1987 127 Irrigated Agriculture in Girna Projects V N Asopa
126. 1987 126 Financial Reporting of Cooperatives S P Seetharaman, G Srinivasan
127. 1987 125 Drought Identification and Rainfall Pattern (Panchmahal) Girja Sharan, Nitin Shah, K K Gupta
128. 1987 124 Paper and Paperboards in India: Demand Forecast and Policy Implications Tirath Gupta, Nitin Shah
129. 1986 123 Sheep Rearing and Wool Production in India: Problems and Prospects T K Moulik, V Hariharan
130. 1987 122 Wind Energy for Water Pumping: From Policy to Action U K Srivastava, Girja Sharan
131. 1986 121 Indian Youth and Society: Viewpoints for the Future Editors – P M Shingi, Pravin Visaria
132. 1986 120 Asian Seminar on Rural Development: The Indian Experience Editors - M L Dantwala, Ranjit Gupta, Keith C D'Souza
133. 1986 119 Managing Paddy-Rice Business of Small Farmers: Integrated Cooperatives in Asia V R Gaikwad, V K Gupta
134. 1987 118 A Guide to Management of Integrated Rice Cooperatives in Asia V R Gaikwad, V K Gupta
135. 1986 117 Guide to Management of Small Farmer's Cooperatives V K Gupta, V R Gaikwad
136. 1986 116 Management of Irrigation: A Case Study in Mehsana, Gujarat V N Asopa, B C Patel
137. 1987 115 Supply and Price Outlook for Crops : A Study Based on Preharvest Market Information in Gujarat S L Bapna, K R Rao
138. 1986 114 Impact of Mechanization on Small Fishermen: Analysis and Village Studies U K Srivastava, M Dharma Reddy, B Subramanyam, V K Gupta
139. 1986 113 Framework for Studying Cooperative Organizations: The Case of NAFED S P Seetharaman, N Mohanan
140. 1986 112 Resin Systems in India: Economic and Management Aspects Gurdev Singh, S R Asokan
141. 1988 111 Performance of Integrated Milk Cooperatives : A Study of Selected Cooperative Dairies in Gujarat and Maharashtra C G Ranade, D P Mathur, B Rangarjan, V K Gupta
142. 1986 110 Development of Social Forestry in India P M Shingi, M S Patel, Sanjay Wadwalkar
143. 1984 109 Crop Yield Information System Through Remote Sensing Techniques T Madhavan, T S Venkat Kumar
144. 1986 108 Agricultural Research Management D K Desai, N T Patel
145. 1984 107 Industrial Utilization of Cotton Stalk: Problems and Prospects C G Ranade, D C Sah
146. 1986 106 Technology Transfer in Rural Industries: Cases and Analysis T K Moulik, P Purushotham
147. 1985 105 Economic and Management Aspects of Sugar Beet Cultivation and Processing in India Gurdev Singh, Tirath Gupta, Amar Guleria
148. 1983 104 Management of Capital Flows on Farms Gurdev Singh, Krishna Kumar
149. 1982 103 Metals from the Seabed: Prospects for Mining Polymetallic Nodules by India Manjula R Shyam
150. 1984 102 Forecasting Crop Output: Use of a Predictive Supply Model for Kharif Foodgrains in India S L Bapna, K R Rao
151. 1983 101 Management in Rural Development D K Desai
152. 1983 100 Government Interventions in Foodgrain Markets P S George
153. 1982 99 Management in Cooperative Rice Mills D P Mathur, V K Gupta
154. 1981 98 Tribal Unrest and Forestry Management in Bihar Ranjit Gupta, Prava Banerji, Amar Guleria
155. 1983 97 Estimation of Pesticide Demand: An Evaluation of Methodologies U K Srivastava, G A Patel, K R Pichholiya
156. 1982 96 Management of Agricultural Extension: Training and Visit System in Rajasthan P M Shingi, Sanjay Wadwalkar, Gurinder Kaur
157. 1981 95 Project Planning, Financing, Implementation, and Evaluation U K Srivastava
158. 1983 94 Serving Small Farmers: A Study of the Farmer's Service Cooperative Society, Bidadi V R Gaikwad, D S Parmar
159. 1982 93 Rural Development for Rural Poor: Deogarh's Profiles T K Moulik, V S Vyas, Ranjit Gupta, B M Desai, B L Tripathi, M S Patel
160. 1982 92 Groundnut Marketing: A Study of Cooperative and Private Trade Channels C G Ranade, K H Rao, DC Sah
161. 1981 91 Project Approach in Agricultural Financing B M Desai, Y Narayana Rao
162. 1983 90 Area Planning: Precepts and Practices Shreekant Sambrani, K R Pichholiya
163. 1982 89 Group Lending Innovation for Rural Areas: A Pilot Study B M Desai
164. 1982 88 Some Economic and Management Aspects of a Non-wood Forest Product in India: Tendu Leaves Tirath Gupta, Amar Guleria
165. 1982 87 Non-wood Forest Products in India: Economic Potentials Tirath Gupta, Amar Guleria
166. 1982 86 Use and Marketing of Plant Protection Appliances GA Patel, C Gopinath, K R Pichholiya
167. 1980 85 Prelude to Block Level Planning in Gujarat Edited by Ranjit Gupta
168. 1979 84 Impact of Scarcity on Farm Economy and Significance of Relief Operation: A Micro Study in Gujarat G M Desai, Gurdev Singh, D C Sah
169. 1982 83 Marketing Channels and Price Spread in Cotton C G Ranade, R B Singh, K H Rao
170. 1982 82 Television and Knowledge Gap Hypothesis P M Shingi, Gurinder Kaur, Ravi Prakash Rai
171. 1982 81 Economics of Trees Versus Annual Crops on Marginal Agricultural Lands Tirath Gupta, Deepinder Mohan
172. 1982 80 Management of Marine Fishing Industry: An Analysis of Problems in Harvesting and Processing U K Srivastava, V K Gupta, M Dharma Reddy
173. 1979 79 Building Indian Institute of Forest Management: Tasks, Process, and Approaches Edited by Ranjit Gupta
174. 1980 78 Rural Development Administration under Democratic Decentralization: Expenditure Pattern and Organizational Realities V R Gaikwad, D S Parmar
175. 1978 77 Cultivators' Experience of High Yielding Varieties of Cotton (A Micro Study in Gujarat) G M Desai, Gurdev Singh, S C Bandyopadhyay
176. 1978 76 Command Area Development in Mahi-Kadana V N Asopa, B L Tripathi
177. 1978 75 Pilot Intensive Rural Employment Project in Trithala Block of Kerala: Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of Selected Works C Gopinath, G C M Asan, V Mukund Das
178. 1978 74 Pilot Intensive Rural Employment Project in Trithala Block of Kerala: An Evaluation C Gopinath, G C M Asan, V Mukund Das
179. 1979 73 Management in Small Poultry Farms: A Study in Maharashtra and Gujarat Regions D P Mathur, V K Gupta
180. 1978 72 Efficiency of Farm Irrigation Water Use in an Area Irrigated by Wells (A Case Study in Gujarat State) C Gopinath, P N Chary, N T Patel
181. 1978 71 Management of Drought-Prone Areas Programme: Analyses and Case Studies from Jhabua District U K Srivastava
182. 1978 70 Rural Entrepreneurship: Motivation and Constraints (A Study in Anand Taluka, Gujarat) T K Moulik, S K Basu, M S Patel
183. 1977 69 Public Distribution of Foodgrains in India Arvind Gupta
184. 1980 68 Rural Youth: Education, Occupation and Social Outlook P M Shingi, N P Singh, Dilip Jadhav
185. 1977 67 Changing Pattern of Wheat Production and Marketing D P Mathur, V K Gupta
186. 1977 66 Dairy Development Decisions at Farm Level P S George, S N Chokshi
187. 1976 65 Rasulia Dug Well: An Irrigation Scheme Girja Sharan, S N Chokshi
188. 1977 64 A Report on the Problem of Delay in Agricultural Administration in Gujarat State M S Krishnaswamy, Hari Prakash
189. 1976 63 Rural Development for Rural Poor: Dharampur Project Vol. II – Contours of Poverty and a Plan for Action B M Desai, Ranjit Gupta, T K Moulik, V S Vyas
190. 1975 ? 62 Rural Development for Rural Poor: Dharampur Project Part I – The Setting V S Vyas, T K Moulik, B M Desai, Ranjit Gupta
191. 1976 61 The Economics of Sunflower Cultivation and Processing (With Special Reference to Tamil Nadu) U K Srivastava, V Mukunda Das
192. 1976 60 Manufacture, Distribution, and Use of Agricultural Machinery in India: Problems and Financial Requirements C Gopinath
193. 1975 59 Bio-Gas Plants at the Village Level: Problems and Prospects in Gujarat T K Moulik and U K Srivastava
194. 1976 58 Wheat Production, Marketing, and Procurement: A Study in Selected Surplus and Deficit Areas V K Gupta, D P Mathur
195. 1975 57 An Inquiry into Rural Poverty and Unemployment S Sambrani, K R Pichholiya
196. 1975 56 Rural Development in Action: The Experience of a Voluntary Agency U K Srivastava, P S George
197. 1975 55 Planning and Implementation of Rural Development Projects by a Banking Organization P S George, U K Srivastava
198. 1974 54 Modernization of Rice Processing Industry in Punjab V K Gupta, P S George
199. 1975 53 Irrigation Agriculture in Gujarat:: Problems and Prospects V N Asopa, B L Tripathi
200. 1974 52 An Agribusiness Study of the Rapeseed-Mustard System K K S Chauhan, P V Krishna, N P Singh, N Mohanan
201. 1974 51 Rural Development for Weaker Section: Seminar Proceedings (Seminar Series-XII)  
202. 1974 50 Citrus Fruits: A Study of Sathgudi and Lime in Cuddapah District, Andhra Pradesh P S George, S N Chokshi
203. 1974 49 Farmer's Ignorance and the Role of Television P M Shingi, Bella Mody
204. 1974 48 Managing an Action Programme for Dryland Agriculture M S Krishnaswamy, K V Patel
205. 1974 47 Identification of Problems in Management of Custom Hiring Centres (Gujarat) Girja Sharan, P V Krishna
206. 1974 46 Nagpur Oranges: A Micro Study on Agri-Business Systems P S George
207. 1974 45 Characterization of the Process of Mechanization and Farm Power Requirement Girja Sharan, D P Mathur, Maya Viswanath
208. 1974 44 Social Interaction and Communication in an Indian Village V R Gaikwad, B L Tripathi
209. 1974 43 Stages of Modernization in the Rice Milling Industry V K Gupta, D P Mathur, P V Krishna
210. 1973 42 Dynamics of the Paddy-Rice System in India P S George, V V Choukidar
211. 1973 41 Growth of Fertilizer Use in Districts of India: Performance and Policy Implications G M Desai, Gurdev Singh
212. 1973 40 Status of Dryland Agriculture: The Economics of Dryland Agriculture in Selected Villages of Bellary and Panchmahals Districts: 1970-71 (Volume – II) M S Krishnaswamy, K V Patel
213. 1973 39 Status of Dryland Agriculture: The Technology of Dryland Agriculture in Selected Villages of Bellary and Panchmahals Districts, 1970-71 (Volume I) M S Krishnaswamy, K V Patel
214. 1973 38 New Opportunities in Changing Agriculture (Alumni Conference Proceedings)  
215. 1973 37 The Sabarmati Riverbed Potato System P S George, S N Chokshi
216. 1973 36 Rural Social Structure and Communication in an Indian Village V R Gaikwad, B L Tripathi, S M S Haque
217. 1973 35 Dynamics of Growth in Fertilizer Use at Micro Level G M Desai, P N Chary, S C Bandyopadhyay
218. 1973 34 Small Farmers: Problems and Possibilities of Development - A Study in Sangli District of Maharashtra State K K S Chauhan, S Mundle, N Mohanan, D Jadhav
219. 1973 33 Planning and Implementation of Financing Agriculture through Area Approach: A Case Study in Bihar State D K Desai, Hari Prakash
220. 1973 32 Assessment of the Requirements of High Yielding Seeds and the Development of the Seed Industry V N Asopa, D K Desai
221. 1972 31 An Organization Study of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research Kamla Chowdhry, V R Gaikwad, S K Bhattacharyya
222. 1971 30 Applied Nutrition Programme: An Evaluation Study G M Desai, V R Gaikwad
223. 1972 29 Opinion Leaders and Communication in Indian Villages V R Gaikwad, B L Tripathi, G S Bhatnagar
224. 1972 28 Consumption Pattern and Preferences for Rice P S George, V V Choukidar, M B Dave
225. 1972 27 Production and Marketing Pattern of Paddy P S George, V V Choukidar
226. 1971 26 Setting up Modern Rice Mills (A Feasibility Study for West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh) V K Gupta, T P Gopalaswamy, D P Mathur
227. 1971 25 Potentialities for Mobilizing Investible Funds in Developing Agriculture: A Study in Baroda District, Gujarat State B M Desai, D K Desai
228. 1970 24 A Study on Multi-Nutrient Fertilizer Market: A Pilot Study in Guntur District, A.P. A G K Murty, D K Desai
229. 1971 23 Economics of Tube-Well Irrigation (A Case Study of Lift Irrigation Alternatives in Meerut District of U.P.) S M Patel, K V Patel
230. 1971 22 Farm Production Credit in Changing Agriculture B M Desai, D K Desai
231. 1970 21 Management in the Seed Industry: A Study on Hybrid Maize and Jowar Seeds in Mysore State D A Patel, D K Desai
232. 1970 20 Under-Utilization in Sheller Rice Mills: A Study in Selected Districts of Andhra Pradesh V K Gupta, T P Gopalaswamy, D P Mathur
233. 1973 19 Farm Finance by a Commercial Bank (A Case Study of the Syndicate Bank) D K Desai, S B Tambad
234. 1969 18 Some Techno-Economic Aspects of Lift Irrigation System S M Patel, K V Patel
235. 1969 17 Studies on Economics of Rural Electrification and Lift Irrigation (Gujarat State) S M Patel, K V Patel
236. 1969 16 Studies on Modernization in Paddy Rice System V K Gupta, T P Gopalaswamy, D P Mathur
237. 1969 15 Management of Lift Irrigation (Report on a Pilot Research Project in Gujarat) S M Patel, P P Madappa, B M Desai
238. 1969 14 An Application of Transportation Model to Fertilizer Industry in India D K Desai, S B Tambad
239. 1969 13 Modernization in Rice Industry (Seminar Proceedings)  
240. 1969 12 Rural Marketing Communications: Role of Opinion Leaders in Fertilizer Promotion K B Kothari, A G K Murty
241. 1968 11 Agricultural Finance (Seminar Proceedings)  
242. 1968 10 Rural Electric Co-operative: Kodinar S M Patel, V K Gupta, K B Kothari
243. 1968 9 Management in Seed Industry: A Case Study on Hybrid Bajra Seed in Gujarat State D K Desai, D A Patel
244. 1968 8 A Study on Solvent Extraction and Expeller Oil Industries: With special reference to groundnut deoiled cake exports D K Desai, A G K Murty
245. 1968 7 Planning and Implementation in Agriculture: Studies in Intensive Cattle Development Programme Michael Halse, V K Gupta, A V S Narayanan, A G K Murty
246. 1967 6 Planning and Implementation in Agriculture: Studies on High Yielding Varieties Programme: Vol.IV – Hybrid Bajra in Gujarat State D K Desai, D A Patel
247. 1967 5 Planning and Implementation in Agriculture: Studies on High Yielding Varieties Programme: Vol.III – Hybrid Maize in Madhya Pradesh D K Desai, A V S Narayanan
248. 1967 4 Planning and Implementation in Agriculture: Studies on High Yielding Varieties Programme: Vol.II – Mexican Wheat in Punjab State V K Gupta, K B Kothari
249. 1967 3 Planning and Implementation in Agriculture: Studies on High Yielding Varieties Programme: Vol.I – Paddy (ADT-27) in Madras State M Meenakshi Malya, PP Madappa)
250. 1967 2 The Protein Emergency: Action to get new protein foods onto the market (Workshop Proceedings)  
251. 1967 1 Studies in Block Development and Co-operative Organisation (D K Desai, P S George, V K Gupta, S Kakkar, S M Patel, A V S Narayanan)
(Edited by Michael Halse)




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