Armed Forces Programme

The Indian Armed Forces represent a large group of well-groomed and highly motivated people who are accustomed to working in a system that expects them to set high individual standards and high achievement targets. Officers from the armed forces are known to be self-reliant, innovative, resourceful and highly adaptable and are endowed with courage, motivation, education, selflessness and honesty. They lead and inspire the men working under them to perform extraordinary tasks in challenging situations and under testing/taxing circumstances. The service officers have the requisite skills backed with discipline and a focused approach to lead a productive life.

The Business Management Course at IIM Ahmedabad is a Six months, full time course conducted from October to March every year, specifically designed with an aim to impart the officers of the armed forces with the contemporary global management practices through case-study method of instructions, class room studies, business presentations and Industry visits. The pedagogy and stringent course curriculum brings to fore the analytical & managerial skills which are a pre-requisite for success in corporate career. The officers will add value to any organization and contribute effectively to its productivity & growth.

The Main objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • Enhance professional competence through Modern Management Practices.
  • Develop ‘A total Enterprise' perspective.
  • Foster understanding of Global Corporate Culture.
  • Facilitate smooth second career transition into the corporate world.
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