Ashank Desai Centre for Leadership and Organisational Development
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Videos, Talks and Event Recordings

A Lecture on “Why does diversity matter? Understanding the impact of demographic differences in organisations"

The IIMA Leadership Lecture Series on - “Hearing the Unheard: Leadership Development through Feedback" with Prof.T.V.Rao

Young Leaders Panel - in conversation with Rohan Tiwary, Neha Bhasin & Aditya Sharma

Anu Aga, Mallika Sarabhai and Chandra Iyengar on "Women Leaders as Catalysts for an Equitable World"

A Book Launch on "Demystifying Leadership: Unveiling the Mahabharata Code" - in conversation with Prof. Asha Kaul & Prof. Vishal Gupta

First Among Equals: Reimagining Leadership In Knowledge-Based Organisations - in conversation with Prof. Vishal Gupta & Prof. Swati Ghulyani

Former Chairperson of Hindustan Unilever Mr. Vindi Banga & Dr. Hayagreeva Rao, Professor at Stanford University speak at the Inauguration of the Centre.

Prof. Vishal Gupta introduces his book: ‘'First Among Equals: TREAT Leadership for LEAP in a Knowledge-based World '