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Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

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The IIMA Leadership Lecture Series on “Why does diversity matter? Understanding the impact of demographic differences for organisations”

Hosted by the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Join eminent researcher Professor Prithviraj Chattopadhyay as he discusses how diverse teams can excel in organisational arenas that require the ability to make innovative decisions.
  • Wednesday, 17th of November 2021, 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm
  • Professor Prithviraj Chattopadhyay

Diverse teams can be effective in organizational arenas that require solving complex problems and creative decision making. However, being demographically different from other team members impacts how you are treated and your own attitudes and behaviors. The status of the individual's demographic category shapes these effects. In addition, the legitimacy, stability and permeability of the status hierarchy related to each demographic category needs to be considered to fully understand these relationships. Interventions such as implementing a climate of inclusion can be more effective if they are designed with an understanding of status differences among team members.