Vision and Strategic Priorities

IIMA aims to continue to be recognized as a premier global management school operating at the frontiers of management education and practice while creating a progressive and sustainable impact on society. The Institute delivers on this vision through its focus on the following aspects:

Promoting excellence in scholarship by encouraging high-quality research, distinctive and impactful teaching, and meaningful contribution to knowledge-creation in a variety of disciplines. 

Educating and nurturing leaders of institutions and entrepreneurial organizations and supporting them in their efforts to create high-quality talent and value.

Impacting the world of policy and practice through continuous engagement with alumni and prominent stakeholders, decision makers and leaders across the spectrum, including government, businesses and non-governmental enterprises.

IIMA supports its vision by placing emphasis on a high-performance work environment, supported by a culture of autonomy, creativity and collaboration amongst its faculty members, staff and students. As the Institute engages in its objectives, it will ensure that its research and teaching activities continue to address diverse areas which are of concern to varied sections of society.

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