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CMGI x Friday Safe Spaces on March 25, 2022

The Committee for Managing Gender Issues (CMGI) is back with its Friday Safe Spaces. We gather from the feedback of our sessions and workshops, and from our interviews with students on campus that there is a need for a safe support space. More often than not, the women have felt alone in their thoughts, opinions, and more importantly in their lived experiences. We just might not be alone in what actually seems like an isolated event/experience. 

An exclusive space for women, and gender and sexual minorities seemed to us, like a starting point for fostering a safe, empathetic, supportive, and encouraging space. The scope of these spaces depends on how what we make of it- we would want to discuss a movie we saw and our thoughts on it which we think any other space might not get; we might grow from challenging each other's perspective in a non-condescending manner; we would rant about what happened in a class, a comment from our family, a dating experience, and so on. We envision that we can talk, discuss, and share about anything under the sky and hope that it will be an empowering and liberating space for all of us.
Our first session brought in women from different parts of the institution and was indeed a great session filled with solidarity and rants. This is your space to build as you like. There are no rules except that of mutual respect for everyone present. We are hoping this space will help you connect with women and gender+sexual minorities who think and feel as you do and have had the same lived experiences.

Pritha and Vaibhavi will be there not as Professors but as facilitators of the conversation and fellow vent-ors. They will also ensure the space stays safe and inclusive.

We look forward to meeting and conversing with you all!


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