Why IIMA needs your support

The best reason to give to IIMA is not simply because you are an alumnus and feel an obligation to the Institute. It is because you believe in what the Institute stands for and you want to help change the world through the powerful vehicle of global business.

Succeeding in the global marketplace is but one component of a business school education in the 21st century. But we must find better ways to help the students understand what they can do in the business world to make a positive contribution to society, giving them the tools, skills, and perspectives they need to become managers who will add value to society — even as they do well for themselves.

To continue this mission, IIMA must attract and retain the best faculty and students. It must also create an environment of inspired collaboration, encouraging lively and dynamic exchange and interaction within the Institute and across the globe. Interdisciplinary collaborations are among the most productive in today's world, and IIMA is the ideal environment to make the most of such partnerships.

Gifts from alumni and others who believe in the IIMA mission figure largely in the Institute's continued success. Generous support of faculty, students, and facilities is critical to reaching our objectives in the future.

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