Career Opportunities

Academic Careers

An academic career is usually the obvious choice for most doctoral students after they complete their thesis. Such a career usually involves a rich life of continuous learning and growth in an intellectually stimulating environment. Most of the fellows from IIM-A who have taken up this route, were absorbed as faculty in some of the top management institutes in India as well as in other countries. The usual track of a professor advances from an assistant professor up to the level of professor of the institute. If an academic chooses they could become a director of an institute. An academic career involves doing research, writing, and publishing; teaching and instruction; coaching and mentoring students; and consulting with industry, business, government, etc. Research is a significant portion of the life of an academician and allows them to gain recognition in their field of study globally. This career choice also enables networks across the world by travelling for conferences where they can present and discuss their current research work. The grooming for publishing top-quality research, presenting at conferences, and training for teaching all starts while the scholar is pursuing the PhD degree at IIM-A. The institute not only provides the educational mechanisms to encourage such activities but also provides sufficient financial aid and incentives to boost this career option. Another excellent option for an early stage academician is to opt for a post-doctoral position. A postdoc, as it is colloquially known, is a position that can be taken up immediately after the completion of the thesis to strengthen expertise in the techniques of research as well their preferred topic of research. This period allows them to be associated with a professor, an academic or research institute, the industry or even think-tanks that require research on upcoming studies. This is a good option for scholars who want to create networks within top research and academic institutes, contribute to the world through their research and get a few publications. Some PhDs have also looked at opportunities pertaining to managing educational institutes which are beyond the undertaking of teaching & research assignments. And some others have become part of research centres at educational institutes as well as research organisations.

Corporate and other Careers

Doctorates are in high demand in a number of industries that require experts in their fields of business. Top global Management Consulting firms value skills of doctoral candidates since they develop exceptional analytical skills as well as have an in-depth knowledge of certain industries. Also, due to the statistical prowess and proficiency of quantitative skills, a number of companies hire doctorates as analysts especially in equity research and financial modelling firms. In addition, several PhDs have joined the industry in their management verticals depending on their topic of specialisation such as Marketing, Finance, Strategy, HR etc.

Public Sector

The areas of research for several PhD graduates traverse the boundaries of the traditional industry set-up. Public Policy Institutes, Indian and global think-tanks, large research firms, global organisations like the UN, World Bank etc. all look at hiring doctorates who have specialised in topics concerning their areas of research and implementation. The Government is another sector that doctoral candidates are absorbed into. A number of them have joined the government sector via the policy route and some others have been hired keeping their in-depth knowledge and expertise in that field.

Recent Placement Details

Sr.No. Name of the Student Area of High Level of Specialization Year of Graduation Designation/Details Institution/Organization
1 Arpita Pandey MKTG 2021 Assistant Professor IIM Bangalore
2 Avijit Bansal F&A 2021 Assistant Professor IIM Calcutta
3 Joel Maria Xavier IME 2021 Faculty GITAM University
4 Ketan Satish Deshmukh IME 2021 Project Lead Husys Consulting Ltd.
5 Muneeb Ul Lateef Banday OB 2021 Faculty Goa Institute of Management
6 Prantika Ray HRM 2021 Assistant Professor IIM Kozhikode
7 Rajeshwari Chennangodu OB 2021 Assistant Professor IIM Kozhikode
8 Richa Tiwari P&QM 2021 Research Scientist II Amazon
9 Saikat Banerjee STR 2021 Faculty Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad
10 Saneesh Edacherian STR 2021 Assistant Professor IIM Amritsar
11 Tanvi Mankodi HRM 2021 Faculty S P Jain Institute of Management and Research
12 Vanita Singh PSG 2021 Consultant, Digital Health Policy The George Institute for Global Health India Office, New Delhi
13 Vedant Dev OB 2021 Faculty Ahmedabad University
14 Arpit Shah PSG 2020 Assistant Professor IIM Bangalore
15 Arulanantha Prabu P M P&QM 2020 Assistant Professor IIM Ranchi
16 Balagopal Gopalakrishnan F&A 2020 Assistant Professor IIM Kozhikode
17 Dipti Gupta PSG 2020 Visiting Assistant Professor IIM Lucknow
18 Gaurav Kumar Singh P&QM 2020 Research Associate IIM Ahmedabad
19 Govind Lal Kumawat P&QM 2020 Assistant Professor IIM Udaipur
20 Harit Joshi P&QM 2020 Assistant Professor Jindal Global Business School
21 Harsh Mittal PSG 2020 Postdoctoral Research Associate IIM Ahmedabad
22 Mitul Surana ECO 2020 Assistant Professor IIM Indore
23 Nycil George STR 2020 Assistant Professor IIM Kozhikode
24 Pavneet Singh ECO 2020 Assistant Professor IIM Amritsar
25 Prateek Shah IME 2020 Assistant Professor FLAME University
26 Priya Narayanan MKTG 2020 Assistant Professor IIM Kozhikode
27 Sudarshan Kumar F&A 2020 Assistant Professor IIM Kozhikode
28 Sumit Kumar Yadav P&QM 2020 Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Studies IIT Roorkee
29 Anita Kerai STR 2019 Assistant Professor IIM Kozhikode
30 Ankur Kapoor MKTG 2019 Faculty IIM Udaipur
31 Deepak Maun IME 2019 Faculty O. P. Jindal Global University
32 Nidhi Mishra OB 2019 Assistant Professor IIM Bodh Gaya
33 Qambar Abidi F&A 2019 Faculty IIM Kozhikode
34 Sai Chittaranjan Kalubandi STR 2019 Assistant Professor IIM Bangalore
35 Samudra Sen PSG 2019 Faculty Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management
36 Samvet Kuril IME 2019 Assistant Professor Ahmedabad University
37 Shiva Kakkar OB 2019 Assistant Professor Goa Institute of Management
38 Sonali Jain F&A 2019 Faculty NTPC School of Business
39 Sudipta Mandal MKTG 2019 Faculty IIM Indore
40 Vidhee Avashia PSG 2019 Visiting Faculty IRMA, Anand
41 Aashish Argade AGRI 2018 Assistant Professor IRMA, Anand
42 Akshay Milap PSG 2018 External Advisor, Education Policy UNICEF
43 Avina Jenifa Mendonca OB 2018 Assistant Professor IIM Nagpur
44 Biswajita Parida MKTG 2018 Faculty IIT Delhi
45 Debdatta Mukherjee PSG 2018 Assistant Manager KPMG India
46 Deepak Bisht ECO 2018 Associate JP Morgan
47 Deepika Saluja PSG 2018 Associate Professor Jindal Global Business School
48 G VRadhakrishnan PSG 2018 Associate Professor Jindal Global Business School
49 Kavitha C Didugu P&QM 2018 Data Scientist HCL Technologies
50 P K V Kishan ECO 2018 Assistant Professor IRMA, Anand
51 Poonam Rathi P&QM 2018 Assistant Vice President Credit Suisse
52 Prasanna R. P&QM 2018 Assistant Professor IIT Delhi
53 Saritha S Vishwanathan PSG 2018 Postdoctoral Research Fellow IIM Ahmedabad
54 Shuchi Srinivasan PSG 2018 MLE Research Coordinator Oxford Policy Management
55 Suman Saurabh F&A 2018 Assistant Professor IIT Kanpur