B K Hegde

B K Hegde

B K Hegde

Professor B K Hegde worked in the Production and Quantitative Methods Area from May 1963 to 6th September 1973.

He was the Chairman of both, the PQM Area and the Alumni Activities Committee at the Institute.

Prof. Hegde obtained his BE in Mechanical Engineering from the Government College of Technology, Coimbatore in1954. After working for two years in the capacity of Assistant Engineer to the Chief Engineer of Madras PWD, Prof. Hegde attended IIT Kharagpur to complete his MTech in Production & Technology in 1956.

Prof. Hegde began work as a Senior Consultant for Beacons Pvt. Ltd Business & Engineering Consultants between 1957 and 1961. Before joining the Institute, he worked in the capacity of Senior Work Study Officer at ICI, India until 1963.

He attended the International Teachers Training Programme at Harvard Business School between 1963 and 1994. Prof. Hegde played a crucial role as the Coordinator of the Three Tier Programme between 1965 and 1966. He was Chairman of the Post Graduate Programme from1966 to 1968.

Prof. Hegde was associated with several professional organizations including the Ahmedabad Management Association, Kerala University, IIT Madras and LD Engineering College, Ahmedabad.

A man of fine tastes, his all-white attire remains memorable. He also possessed an extraordinary zeal for recreational activities. Prof. Hegde passed away at the age of 44. He was at the time survived by his mother, wife, son and two daughters.

Date of Birth: June 01, 1929

Date of Death: September 06, 1973