Shukla Dutta

Shukla Dutta

Professor Shukla Dutta worked in the Business Policy Area from 14th September 1965 to 30th April 1966.

Prof Dutta hailed from a Bengali family of lawyers and journalists who were well known for their active participation in the political and socio economic development of the country. She was one of three sisters to have been schooled at the St Helen's Convent in Darjeeling. Besides holding positions of responsibility in school, she also won many trophies for academic and athletic achievements.

She held a BSc degree from Kolkata University and a Business Administration Certificate from Leeds College, UK. Prof Dutta completed her MBA from Pittsburgh University in the USA. She was a member of the American Society of Training Directors and of the National Society of Programmed Instructions. She was sent to Harvard Business School for the International Teachers Programme in 1964 from the Institute.

Some of her research includes a paper on Quality Control in Office: First Sterling Inc. and a class marketing paper entitled The European Executive.

Date of Birth: March 15, 1937.