Sanjeev Goyal

Sanjeev Goyal

PGP 1983-85

Sanjeev Goyal, PGP 1983-85

Sanjeev Goyal (1963- ) did his PGP in Management at IIMA in 1983-85, obtained a PhD in Economics at Cornell University in 1990 and then worked in Netherlands and UK (University of Cambridge), primarily on the economics of networks. In his interview, he recounted his motivations to join IIMA and aspects about the student life on campus in the mid-1980s.

Interview recorded on 18th December, 2018

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Title: Dr. Sanjeev Goyal (PGP 1983-85) on the IIMA brand in the 1980s, in discussion with Dr. Chinmay Tumbe

Title: Dr. Sanjeev Goyal (IIMA PGP 1983-85) on students at IIMA, in conversation with Dr. Chinmay Tumbe