Subhash Chandra Bhatnagar

Subhash Chandra Bhatnagar

Subhash C Bhatnagar, IIMA PGP (1968-70), Systems Analyst (1970-72), FPM (1972-75), Faculty (1975-2003), Adjunct Faculty (2004-18)

Prof. Subhash Chandra Bhatnagar (12th February, 1947- ), was associated with IIMA in various capacities for fifty years. He was a PGP student (1968-70), a Systems Analyst in the Computer Centre (1970-72), doctoral student (1972-75), faculty member in the Production & Quantitative Methods Area and Computer and Information Systems Group (1975-2003) and Adjunct Faculty at IIMA (2004-18). He was associated with developing IIMA's Computer Centre, held the Deanship for two years and was a member of IIMA's governing board. He made key contributions towards popularizing e-Governance as a concept in India. In this hour-long interview, he recounts his life from his early days, transition from IIT Madras to IIMA as a student, teaching MIS as a faculty member, advising on computing and e-Governance, his later career at the World Bank and the National Institute for Smart Government, and the rationale behind a notable donation made towards IIMA's staff welfare, upon finally leaving the Institute.

Interview recorded on 27th September, 2019

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