Sudhir Kakar

Sudhir Kakar

Research Staff & Faculty (1968-71)

Sudhir Kakar, Research Staff & Faculty (1968-71)

Sudhir Kakar (1938- ) is an eminent psychoanalyst, writer and novelist who was associated with IIMA in the 1960s, first as a research staff member and later as a faculty in the Organizational Behaviour Area from 1968 to 1971. His life, including his experience at IIMA, was chronicled in his autobiography in 2014, A Book of Memory. In his interview, he recollected other aspects of IIMA including his relationship with the key institution builders.

Interview recorded on 7th December, 2018

Title: Prof. Sudhir Kakar recollects his time at IIMA in the 1960s