Contributions made by PP ASIG

Year 2020

As the world, and India, laboriously trudged along a rocky path to hopefulness, then despair, and now a sliver of light on the horizon – the need for a special interest group focused on public policy had never been higher. The PP ASIG successfully concluded the webinar series focussed on the topics like People centric policy making, Collaboration in policy making, Atmanirbhar Bharat and impact of Covid-19 on key sectors like Agriculture, Infrastructure, Education and Employment.

Year 2021

The PP ASIG ran a Cryptocurrency webinar series to inform the forthcoming draft “Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill”. Seven webinars were held with eminent experts to look at emerging Cryptocurrency issues from multiple policy dimensions: overall perspectives, legal, exchanges, startups , taxation, and the international perspective.

This body of work led to an invite from the Indian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance for IIMA PP ASIG to come forth as a witness in the hearing on “CryptoFinance: Opportunities and Challenges” on November 15, 2021, at Parliament Annexe, New Delhi. The PP ASIG was represented by Kamal Gaur, Akhilesh Tilotia, and Prof. Anish Sugathan. Hon’ble Members of Parliament mentioned that they expect more inputs from IIMA alumni on such complex topics.

The PP ASIG also organized wide-ranging deep-dives with experts on a raft of other “hot-button” topics. Shri Tarun Bajaj discussed the India Budget 2021-22. Joint Secretary Amber Dubey shared insights on the policymaking process in India, lateral entry into the civil service, and regulations for Drones. Shri Ishtiyaque Ahmed discussed Production Linked Incentives (PLIs). The consolidated takeaways from these deep-dives are also documented in this report.

Alumni expressed keen interest to write case studies. The PP ASIG convened an all-ASIG session on alumni-faculty partnerships for case study development with Professor Vijaya Sherry Chand. Subsequently, six alumni started drafting case studies on a range of topics: public procurement and PPPs, ESG, MSME automation, IOT/AI and Smart Cities, gas-based power generation, and agriculture. These case studies are in early stages of development.

PP ASIG alumni members, in their personal capacities, were also busy writing and publishing books and papers in 2021. These included, inter alia, the following:

  • 1. Akhilesh Tilotia published a book Through the Looking Glass and authored several opinion pieces (OpEds) in The Financial Express.
  • 2. Ankita Singh wrote a book (publicaton forthcoming) titled Economics of Land Governance: Unauthorised Occupation of Public Premises in India.
  • 3. Harpreet Pruthi co-authored a paper (publication forthcoming) on Optimal Procurement Choices for Development of Public Infrastructure.