About the School

The JSW School of Public Policy (JSW-SPP) at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) is a centre of excellence in the making. Established with support from the JSW Group, it seeks to make a distinctive contribution to the field of public policy by engaging in leading-edge research and training the next generation of policy practitioners.

IIMA has an enviable legacy of making exceptional contributions to India's policymaking space that have actively shaped the policy-scape of the country. JSW-SPP now seeks to build on this legacy by becoming an influential, research-oriented think-tank and policy training institute in the region.

Vision and Mission

The vision of JSW-SPP is to be become an influential research-oriented think-tank and policy training institute in the region.

The mission of JSW-SPP is to contribute to the field of public policy through:

  • High-quality and impactful research

  • Cutting-edge training programs that bring together important stakeholders including practitioners from the public, private and non-profit sectors, academics, and young minds interested in policy issues

  • Consulting and advisory services to policymakers

School Activities

  • Research: Undertake impactful research that would lead to policy solutions and innovations
  • Dissemination: Disseminate research through a variety of channels, including top-tier publications, policy briefs, media outreach, and participation in conferences and panel discussions
  • Teaching: Deliver short-duration programs on cutting-edge policy themes targeted at stakeholders from across different sectors and students
  • Case study development: Develop teaching case studies highlighting lessons for policy design, implementation, and evaluation, particularly for the Indian context
  • Engagement: Engage with stakeholders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors to identify research gaps and training needs
  • Partnerships: Deepen engagement with leading public policy institutions and national and global public policy networks to promote cross-fertilization of ideas on research, teaching, and institution building
  • Administration: Build foundation pillars that would eventually enable a seamless transition to create a best-in-class hybrid model of a long-duration program in public policy through a brand that has acquired wider public recognition