Executive Education

Transformational Leadership

Programme Overview

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Transformational leadership ensures to take organisations to the next level of achievements by inspiring vision, creativity and strategic reorientation. Such leaders create enabling cultures to ensure effective implementation of strategic plans through transformation of systems, motivation of people and creation of resource landscape.


For more information or any questions, contact Manali Shah: manali-exed@iima.ac.in | +91 70690 10183

Program Objectives

The programme aims to develop managers who are in leadership roles or are planning to be in leadership roles in near future to transform organisations for next level of achievements. At the end of the programme, participants would develop the following competencies in various contexts:


a. Identify, articulate and communicate vision and energise people in the transformation journey. b. Develop understanding of analysing and reformulating: Corporate Strategy, Business Strategy and Entry Strategy c. Lead transformation of organization to achieve strategic shift or effective implementation of strategy in various contexts d. Develop understanding of designing organizations and leading energized teams in following contexts:         i). Entrepreneurial firms         ii). Diversification        iii). Declining firms and turnaround        iv). Acquisitions         v). Joint Venture

Program Highlights

The programme will be primarily case-based and will also use role-plays and exercises with some background readings for the assigned cases.