Executive Education

Organisational Leadership 21st Century

Programme Overview

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What will be the limiting organizational resource in the twenty-first century?

Technological abilities Analytical abilities Conceptual abilities Leadership skills

If you have checked item (iv) in the above list, you are in line with the thinking of many current-day management thinkers.

Today, the concern is to build “Living Organizations” (Ariel de Guese) that are “Built to Last” (Collins and Porras) and with a “Soul” (Secretan).  Who will build these organizations?


if you develop your leadership potential.


For more information or any questions, contact Ifat Sheikh: ifat-exed@iima.ac.in, +91 70690 29949

Program Objectives

In this course, there will not be any management cases; just one paper that would discuss the role of profits vs. other building blocks for an organization that enables it to last.

Just read and enjoy great works of literature. Masticate them and chew the cud in the class. Enhance your experience through lively discussions on different issues on leadership and decision making that these great works bring up. Reflect on them. See what it is likely to be with the great masters. See how you can carry on the ideas and the habit of reading and thinking further in your life.

Program Highlights

All who are interested in developing their leadership potential.


WELCOME to the Management Development Programme offered by IIMA to do just that. You can be at any level in your organization. Or not belonging to any organization at all. Just yourself.


But yes, you should be one who is interested in developing your potential through a process of introspection and reflection. You should be one who feels that leadership is really going to be a crucial factor in the Millennium. And it will require preparation. And you will be one who is interested in preparing yourself for your role as a leader.