The Centre for Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusivity
(The GEDI Centre)
GRC, IIM Ahmedabad
About Us:

The Centre for Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusivity is a new initiative of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad for the study of gender concerns with stakeholding constituents including policy makers, academicians, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and others.The Centre's primary task is to create,support and sustain gender-sensitive processes with better understanding of disharmony in the management of gender differences


    1. GEDI DIALOGUE DAYS (28.1.2013, 6.2.2013 and 28.3.2013)
    2. CEO ROUND TABLES (29.1.2013, 7.2.2013 and 29.3.2013)
  2. Group Relations Conferences
    1. Working Conference on Authority, Organisation, Strategies and Politics of Relatedness (AOSPOR), March 14-20, 2013
    2. Working Conference on Managing You and Me in Roles and Systems (MAYUMERS), August 22-28, 2013
    3. Working Conferences offered by other Institutions whose staff have been invited to IIIMA working conferences

Arenas of Action:
  • The Study of issues and challenges for gender harmony across whole life spans and career spans
  • Support public policy analysis and formulation of initiatives and interventions
  • Disseminate inights into gender equality and equity to Government and other organizations.
  • Research gender policy for good governance.
  • Use learning and experience gained from research to facilitate interactions for gender-sensitive work environments for employees
  • Facilitate adoption and implementation of measures by the corporate community and governments that alleviate politics of disharmony in the management of gender differences.

Research, documentation and information dissemination, seminars, conferences, workshops, educational development programmes, advisory services, consultations, outreach.