Rural Marketing

Start Date:February 13, 2017 End Date:February 17, 2017
Last Date for Application:January 30, 2017 Last Date for Early Bird:January 23, 2017
Progarmme Fee: 120000 INR

(Plus 15% Service tax)

Early Bird Fee:111600 INR

(Plus 15% Service tax)

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Rural markets are gaining importance in emerging economies. A large number of businesses are involved in the marketing of various products in the rural areas of India and elsewhere. The main objective of this program is to develop a strong foundation of applied knowledge, concepts, approaches and analytical-skills in the participants for successful marketing of products and services to rural consumers and users.

• Rural environment and rural markets
• State and scope of the rural market
• Rural buyer and user/consumer behaviour
• Rural market segmentation and BoP markets
• Rural product management strategy
• Pricing in rural markets
• Innovative rural distribution and channel management
• Rural communication and promotion
• Creating new rural and innovative markets
• Rural marketing strategy formulation
• Franchising for rural marketing
• Rural supermarkets
• Rural non-farm products marketing

Senior and middle level managers/executives/officers handling rural market functions like distribution, product planning, test marketing, new market exploration or those assigned to develop their company’s existing market further in rural areas across FMCG, service, and non-farm products. Executives from companies/NGOs exploring new rural markets or trying new products in rural markets or marketing rural food/non-farm products in urban markets will find this program useful.