What is Executive Education Programme?

The Executive Education Programmes at IIMA (EEPs) are designed with the objective of providing practicing managers:

a) Insights into managerial concepts and implementing strategies in functional areas.
b) An overall perspective for decision making by integrating functional and general management approaches.

IIMA has been active in designing EEPs on contemporary topics to bring the latest in management discipline to practicing managers. It offers several highly rated EEPs focused on functional and sectoral areas and some unique general management programmes like the 3-Tier Programmes.

How do I apply for admission to a Programme?

You can apply by submitting your nomination On-line or sending duly filled-in nomination by E-mail/Fax/Post/Courier.

a) Apply On-line: Select the programme you are interested in. Click on "Apply" button at the right side of the page for applying on-line
b) By E-mail/Fax/Post/Courier: Download brochure and nomination form from program link.

Send the nomination by e-mail to , by fax on (+91-79-26300352) or by post/courier addressed to: Manager-Executive Education, Indian Institute of Management, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015.

Is the programme brochure available on the Net? How do I download it?

The brochures of all the executive education programmes are available online. Click on "Brochure" link to download a brochure. Please right click and select "Save Target As" to download the brochure. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer for you to read the brochure. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, then please download it from the Adobe Acrobat website.

Who can apply for admission to a Programme?

The brochure of each programme provides information about the likely profile of the participant and for whom the programme is designed. The applications received are reviewed to select the participant mix with the objective to maximize the benefits of the programme to the entire group of participants. Participant's education, experience, organization and current job roles are some of the factors, which are taken into consideration during application review.

Where are the programmes held?

IIMA's executive education programmes are conducted on its lush green and serene campus in Ahmedabad. However, the global programmes (listed in our calendar) are conducted in different countries.

How can I get to the IIMA Campus?

The IIMA campus is at Vastrapur, about 15 kms from Ahmedabad airport and 9 kms from Ahmedabad (Kalupur) railway station. On arrival you can hire a taxi. The fare from the airport to IIMA is about Rs.550. We will be happy to receive EEP participants at the airport provided they let us have the flight details in advance.

What can you tell me about Ahmedabad city?

Ahmedabad, the seventh largest city of India, is one of the most important seats of learning. In addition to IIMA, Ahmedabad boasts a number of exceptional academic and research institutes such as National Institute of Design (NID), Mudra Institute of Communication (MICA), and Physical Research Laboratory (PRL).

Once known as the "Manchester of the East", much of the city's twentieth century reputation was built on its commercial and enterprising spirit. It was a centre for textiles.

The Hriday Kunj, the Ashram on the bank of Sabarmati River, from which Mahatma Gandhi launched the Independence movement, is in Ahmedabad.

The city is well connected by air and rail to all major cities in India. It has an International Airport and is connected to major cities of Europe, USA, and the Gulf.

Are participants required to live on the campus?

Yes, the participants are required to live on campus. There is a centrally air-conditioned executive hostel that has all the facilities you need. Stay on the campus is essential because the teaching methodology involves group exercises, role-plays, simulation games, lecture-cum-discussions, presentations, and case analysis at group and class level. The learning starts at around eight in the morning and continues beyond the classrooms into the late hours of the night.

How about early check-in and extended stay?

Participants can check in the day before the start of programme and can check out the day after the programme concludes. Earlier check-ins and later check-outs are possible against additional cash payment, provided accommodation is available.

What facilities do you offer at the IIMA campus?

Kasturbhai Lalbhai Management Development Centre (KLMDC) located on the IIMA main campus, and International Management Development Centre (IMDC), located on the new campus provide an academic and learning environment for participants of the Management Development Programmes. All rooms at KLMDC and IMDC are air-conditioned and have internet connectivity. They have separate dining halls, a reading lounge, classrooms and auditorium (with audio-visual and computer projection facilities), syndicate rooms, computer lab. The campus is wi-fi enabled. Recreation facilities exist for indoor and outdoor games (badminton, TT, carrom, chess, volleyball and cricket). Participants can also take advantage of the Instituteís library.

The participants can make STD/ISD calls from their rooms using telephone cards, available at the MDC counter for purchase.

Internet: Campus is Wifi enabled. Each residential room has an internet access point. There is a Computer Lab located near the reception. For IT technician [available from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm (except Sunday)] and problems pertaining to connectivity, please contact the reception.

Other facilities: Other facilities on the campus include SBI ATM (Main Complex), AXIS Bank ATM (New Campus), Extension Counter, Post Office, Gymnasium, Walking/Jogging Trails, and a Dispensary.

Special Diets: The programme fee is inclusive of all meals. We do our best to help participants with special dietary requirements provided they let us know in advance.

Sports: The participants can have access to several outdoor and indoor games.

Do I get a certificate at the end of Programme?

Yes, the participants are required to live on campus. There is a centrally air-conditioned executive hostel that has all the facilities you need. Stay on the campus is essential because the teaching methodology involves group exercises, role-plays, simulation games, lecture-cum-discussions, presentations, and case analysis at group and class level. The learning starts at around eight in the morning and continues beyond the classrooms into the late hours of the night.

Are participants required to live on the campus?

Yes, you will get a certificate of participation on successful completion of the programme.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. It is business casual attire for classes and informal dress for the rest of the time. You can wear appropriate attire for sports.

What is the Teaching Methodology you follow for executive education programmes?

Pedagogical tools are matched to the needs of individual programmes and emphasize active participation rather than passive assimilation. The case method of study is the major tool. It is supplemented by group exercises, role plays, games, lecture-cum-discussions and presentations by participants.

What is the usual class size?

The class size varies between 20 and 40 participants. In some exceptional cases the size could be smaller or slightly bigger.

How is a typical programme day scheduled?

A typical programme day starts at 08.30 hrs and goes on to 18.00 hrs. Classes involving the Faculty are generally in the mornings; group exercises and preparation for the following dayís classes generally take place in the afternoons and evenings.

Is sponsorship required for my application to be considered?

Organizational sponsorship is generally required, but can be waived if we feel that the participant is likely to gain significantly from the programme for personal improvement, or greater job effectiveness. A formal acceptance letter will be sent to selected participants subject to approval by programme faculty.

What does the programme fee include?

The programme fee includes single-occupancy on-campus accommodation (for some subsidized programmes, twin-sharing rooms are provided), standard meals, tuition fees, and all teaching materials. The fee also includes transportation from the airport at the beginning of the programme and to the airport/railway station at the end of the programme.

Incidentals, such as laundry, entertainment, phone bills, and the like, are not included in the programme fee.

When do I pay the fees?

Payment should be made along with the duly filled-in nomination form before the due date.

How do I pay?

Fee for the programme can be paid by Demand Draft, payable at Ahmedabad, India or a pan India cheque payable at par. The cheque or draft should be in favour of "Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.".

Fee can also be paid through Electronic Fund Transfer. The details are:

  • For credit to Savings Bank A/c No.032010100040460, IIM, Ahmedabad Axis Bank, Vastrapur Branch (RTGS Code: UTIB0000032)
  • Name of Remitter:_____________(Please mention the name of the sponsoring organization)
  • Purpose of Remittance: Programme Title"__________________________"
  • IIMA Permanent Account Number (PAN): AAATI1247F

Please DO inform us the complete transaction details so that we can connect the same.

What if I am unable to attend the programme I applied for?

If you can't attend the programme, we shall return your full fees to your sponsor provided you let us know at least two weeks in advance of the start of the programme.

What if I have Disabilities?

Participants with disabilities should contact us in advance for specific requirements.

What about my Health Insurance during the programme?

IIM-A is not responsible for medical fees incurred by the participant during the stay at IIM-A. We request you to enquire with your employer or insurer for Health Insurance coverage.

What about safety of my belonging during the programme stay?

Individuals are provided with safe keeping facilities during the programme stay. Please do not leave your valuables and cash unprotected. IIM-A is not responsible for any loss of personal property.